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Apple enthusiasts need this dock that will charge all of the things

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These days, everyone and their mother has an Apple Watch. If you don’t have one now, spoiler alert: there’s a good chance you’ll get one as a gift. With your bedside outlet already overloaded with your smartphone, tablet, and laptop chargers, another device to charge could cause absolute mayhem. 

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A great solution for efficient charging without the charging cable jungle is the PowerTime Apple Watch Charging Dock. Not only does it charge your Apple Watch without a wire, but it also features three USB ports so you can charge all of your wired devices using one tool. Just set it right on your bedside table and you’ll never have to dig around in the dark again looking for an open outlet.  Read more…

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The war for wearables is over, and Apple won

The Apple Watch conquered all comers and became the most important wearable in the world in 2017.  

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The iPhone maker flexed its muscles to take over the young wearable space in a relatively short period. Apple only released its first smartwatch in April 2015, and its latest, the Series 3, is just the third iteration of the device. 

“Apple has shipped 34.4 million smartwatches worldwide since it entered the category in 2015,” said Canalys analyst Vincent Thielke in an email to Mashable. “In other words, Apple accounts for 51.6 percent of all smartwatches ever shipped.”  Read more…

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T-Mobile is knocking $50 off the Apple Watch Series 3

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T-Mobile is offering $50 off the Apple Watch Series 3 starting Dec. 8 and running for an unspecified amount of time. (We inquired with a press rep about that end date but all they said was that it would be for a “limited time.”)

If you’re in need of a last minute stocking stuffer, Secret Santa gift, or have been on the fence about snagging the new Apple Watch for yourself, here’s your answer — T-Mobile’s Fifty Dolla’ Holla’(day) is definitely a holiday we can get behind.

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Holiday sales are still happening: Get a Ticwatch 2 for less than $170

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Maybe your alarm didn’t go off, maybe you merely snoozed it a few too many times, maybe you flat-out forgot to set it whilst in that sleepy post-turkey haze. Whatever your excuse, the truth is that you didn’t get up early on Black Friday and, as a result, missed out on the best tech sales of the year. 

Well, most of them.

Mobvoi’s Ticwatch 2 is a sleeker, simpler, and more affordable alternative to the Apple Watch. While the low end of Tim Cook’s lines of smartwatches will put you out nearly $350, the Ticwatch 2 is available to Mashable readers for less than $170. Read more…

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Apple Watch can now sync up with your gym equipment during a workout

Want the exact same workout results on your smartwatch as your treadmill?

The Apple Watch’s new feature, GymKit, allows users to connect their workouts with gym equipment, for more accurate data.

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Apple’s now rolling out the feature as part of the watchOS 4 update, first announced in June 2017 at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

Launching on Thursday, GymKit allows Apple Watch wearers the ability to pair their device directly to treadmills, stair steppers, ellipticals and indoor bikes with one tap of an in-built pad. The watch will sync only with machines from a handful of global manufacturers, such as Life Fitness and Technogym. Apple’s partners provide 80 percent of equipment used in gyms today, the company said.  Read more…

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Apple is just $100 billion away from being a trillion-dollar company

Tomorrow, we’ll see how much the world loves the latest iPhone. Today, we’ll have to settle for another spectacular report on Apple’s revenue. 

Apple brought in $52.6 billion last quarter, a 12 percent increase from the year prior. The device manufacturer blew past analysts expectations of just over $50 billion. Its guidance for 2018 revenue also beats previous estimates. 

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The company’s happy news sent its stock up by more than 3 percent in after-hours trading and bumped its valuation to more than $900 billion — only $100 billion short of being the first $1 trillion company.  Read more…

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Apple gave Uber the keys to your iPhone screen, and it was all super shady

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: Uber is a shady company. 

The ride-hailing giant’s iOS app has the ability to record a user’s iPhone screen, Gizmodo reported Thursday. An Uber spokesperson told Mashable that the company is working with Apple to remove the feature from the app ASAP. Uber only used it to render maps, and not actually copy your screen, the rep said, adding it hasn’t been used for “quite some time.”

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If the ability on its own wasn’t frustrating enough, it appears the sketchy feature is only being removed after security researchers pointed it out earlier this week.  Read more…

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Apple Watch Series 3 review: The smartest smartwatch yet

Let’s talk about the red dot.

The hint of bright color on the Apple Watch Series 3 digital crown serves no function. It’s just a bold reminder that this wearable doesn’t need your iPhone to do its job, thank you very much.

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Apple describes the blood-red dot as a sort of aesthetic accent that announces to the world that this Apple Watch has its own LTE radio. With that and the built-in GPS, the Apple Watch Series 3 is self-sufficient, letting you go for a run and leave your phone behind without worrying about not being able to make and receive calls, get and send texts, and get turn-by-turn navigation guidance. Read more…

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