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Download this: Microsoft’s new app makes photo transfers much easier

If you use a PC, then you know that transferring files between your phone and your computer can be a huge pain. Well, Microsoft finally has a solution.

A new app called Photos Companion lets you move photos between your phone and PC using a wireless connection. Think of it as a bit like Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s AirDrop, except it works with both iOS and Android devices. 

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Get started by scanning a QR code from the Photos app in Windows 10 — this links your phone and PC, provided they are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. After you scan the code, you’ll be able to transfer your photos to your computer. Read more…

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Leaked Snapchat beta hints at new Stories section in redesign

Snapchat’s hated redesign may be here to stay, but that doesn’t mean Snap is ignoring all of the update’s issues.

The chief one being that Stories are far less visible now than ever before. But if you glimpse the latest beta version of the app, it suggests the company is at least considering adding a new section for Stories within the redesign.

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Screenshots obtained by Mashable show a new look for the app’s Friends section that divides content into three tabs: Groups, Stories, and All. It appears that the “All” is the default section, which is basically the same as the algorithmic feed in the redesign. What’s new, though, are dedicated tabs for group chats and Stories. Read more…

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Sorry haters, Evan Spiegel is not sorry about Snapchat’s redesign

Hate Snapchat’s redesign? Chances are, you’re not alone.

Not that it matters much, though, because Snap CEO Evan Spiegel just confirmed that he’s not too concerned about the haters.

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Speaking at Goldman Sach’s Internet and Technology conference in San Francisco Thursday, the Snap CEO acknowledged that “it will take time for people to adjust,” but said he’s been very happy with the reaction to the redesign — even the negative ones.

“We’re excited about what we’re seeing so far. The best part is that even some of the complaints we’re seeing reinforce the philosophy [behind the design],” he said. Read more…

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Tinder is about to become more like Bumble in an important way

It’s not always easy to be a woman on a dating app. 

That’s a big part of why Bumble, which leaves it up to women to decide whether they want to initiate a conversation, has been so successful. So much so, in fact, that rival dating app Tinder now has plan to implement a similar feature.

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A future update will add a new setting that leave it up to women to decide if they want to start a conversation with their matches. 

Speaking to MarketWatch, Match CEO Mandy Ginsberg said she doesn’t expect it will become a signature feature for Tinder the way it has for Bumble. Read more…

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It’s not just you: Apple’s software is buggier than it used to be — here’s how they fix it

Apple might finally be ready to take the many bugs that’ve been plaguing iOS more seriously.

The company is making a major change to how it approaches software updates that will emphasize reliability and stability over speed, according to a new report in Bloomberg.

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Bloomberg wrote that Apple’s software head Craig Federighi told engineers last month they would have “more time to work on new features and focus on under-the-hood refinements without being tied to a list of new features annually simply so the company can tout a massive year-over-year leap.” Read more…

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Snapchat’s Snap Maps is now available online

Snapchats from all over the world can be easily viewed online. On Monday, Snapchat released for Snap Maps that highlights Our Stories and other public snaps overlaid on a global map.

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Just like on Snapchat’s mobile version of Snap Maps, users can zoom in and tap section on the map to see Stories. Our Stories, like New York Fashion Week, are curated by Snapchat’s team of news producers. Map Stories are algorithmically generated from a certain location. Users can share the map by including an embed code on their website.  Read more…

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How to switch back to the old version of Snapchat (before it sucked)

All is not well for Snapchat. The app has ticked off its most loyal users with its latest redesign which merges your friends’ snap messages with their Stories. 

It’s the app’s first major #facepalm. But good news! There’s a way to switch back to the old Snapchat, and we’re gonna show you how do it. But it does come with one big catch.

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Twitter user Clare James posted step-by-step instructions Friday on how to revert back to the old Snapchat on iOS, and we confirmed on our own iPhone X that it works!

Just follow these steps: 

PSA: how to reverse the Snapchat update ‼️

— clare james (@clarejamess9) February 9, 2018 Read more…

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Download this: Like, the music video app that lets you create ‘music magic’

There’s a new music video app taking over the App Store.

It’s called Like, and it combines videos with augmented reality effects, to create what the app’s creators call “music magic.”

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On its surface, the app is a lot like or Dubsmash or number of other social music video apps. Users pick a song — the app features popular songs you can use as soundtracks for your creations — and record videos that can be shared within the app or elsewhere on social media.

What makes Like different than a lot of other apps is that it’s loaded with special effects you can use to transform your videos. There are Snapchat like face filters and voice changing effects, but there is also an impressive array of augmented reality effects. Read more…

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No, Snapchat won’t reverse its update for 50,000 retweets

Snapchat users really want the old Snapchat back, following the redesign rollout.

The Snapchat kids want the old way back so badly that in less than 24 hours, a tweet suggesting all we needed was 50,000 retweets has reached more than 733,000 retweets. The call to action is reminiscent of the Wendy’s chicken nugget teen who got 3.6 million retweets, making his plea for free nuggets the most retweeted of all time. 

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 But unfortunately, it’s just a brilliant photoshop job.

The Snapchat update sucks. RT to save a life!

— Isaac Svobodny (@isaacsvobodny) February 9, 2018 Read more…

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Google might finally make its messaging app more like Apple’s iMessage

Google might finally be bringing its default messaging app on Android up to speed with Apple’s iMessage.

No, the green bubbles (sadly) won’t be going away, but Android users may soon have a way to exchange messages via their web browsers.

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It looks like a future version of the app will include a web-based counterpart to the Android Messages app, according to code buried in the latest version of the Android Messages app that was unearthed by XDA Developers. 

The code hints at a QR code-based system, that would allow Android users to link their phone and PC by scanning a QR code. It sounds like the feature would support a wide range of browsers, as XDA found references to Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. Read more…

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