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Facebook is doubling down on comments, but comment culture on the internet is already dead

To push things forward, Facebook is going backward.

Facebook announced Thursday night that it will be revamping its News Feed, all in an effort to get users seeing more “meaningful” content from friends and family and spur engagement.

What does Facebook count as engagement around meaningful content? Well, it’s comments, especially long ones. That’s a big bet meant to change what people see, do, and feel when on Facebook.

The only thing is, comment culture on the internet might already be dead.

Don’t tell that to Zuck, who is putting the kibosh on posts from publishers.

Or, as The New York Times put it, “passive content”: Read more…

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Facebook comments might soon get colored backgrounds, because we all deserve to suffer

Oh, no. First it was the colored statuses — those awful, ugly, often-gradient-based abominations that pop up in your Facebook feed now and then — but we thought at least our Facebook comments are safe. 

Well, not any more. It appears that Facebook is testing comments with colored backgrounds. 

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First spotted by The Next Web on Wednesday, the feature allows users to choose from a solid or gradient color for the comment’s background, just like the statuses.

The feature currently appears to only be available on mobile, and only to a small subset of users. We’ve checked a dozen or so phones here at Mashable, and no one had the feature available.  Read more…

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Chinese internet users will no longer be able to post online anonymously

More bad news for folks in China.

Chinese internet users will no longer be able to post comments online anonymously as of Oct. 1.

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The new ruling is the latest in the government’s move to tighten control over internet usage in the country.

According to the Cyberspace Administration of China, sites like social networks and discussion forums will have to verify the real identities of registered users before they can be allowed to post anything on their platforms. 

Comments on news stories will also have to be reviewed by the website before they can appear online, according to a report by the South China Morning Post. Read more…

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Instagram is making it way easier to keep track of comments


Instagram comments might be getting a much-needed update.

A new test on the Android app of Instagram shows nested comments, similar to those on Facebook. 

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Hitting “reply” on a comment now adds them to a thread like this:

Image: instagram

Instagram comments are currently a confusing mess, so it’s a good sign that the company is working on changing that. Right now, replying to someone’s comment doesn’t notify them unless you explicitly tag them again, but with this it’ll be easier to know when someone replies to you. Read more…

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