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This ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 casting just debunked one of our favorite theories

The Golden Company is coming to Game of Thrones in Season 8, and now we know who’s leading it — and who isn’t. 

Cersei ominously namedropped the infamous sellswords in the Season 7 finale while telling Jaime about her evil scheme to defeat Daenerys and Jon — having tricked everyone into thinking Euron Greyjoy had abandoned her and run back to the Iron Islands when in reality, he was jetting off to Essos to hire some mercenaries to beef up the Lannister ranks.

We’ve previously discussed how the Golden Company could end up working in Dany’s favor instead of Cersei’s in the final season, but a new piece of casting news throws a slight wrench into our theory. Read more…

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9 things that will 100% maybe happen in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8

Warning: Contains loads of spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7, and some hopelessly dodgy predictions for Season 8.

Well, here we are: the absolute worst part of the year. The longest possible time until Game of Thrones comes back into to our empty, dragon-free lives.

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If you’ve read any of my previous Game of Thrones articles, you’ll know two things: 1) I’m a hopelessly obsessed individual who lives life largely through fictional television characters, and 2) I love making futile predictions about what those characters will do next. Read more…

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Melisandre reading ‘Game of Thrones’ fan theories is a joy to behold

Carice van Houten doesn’t exactly give much away in the clip above, but watching her read Game of Thrones fan theories about Melisandre — some more ridiculous than others — is still a lot of fun.

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The only slight hint she drops follows a theory about her character hiding from Arya.

“But yes I will try to avoid Arya because I have not a good feeling about it,” van Houten says. “I really have a bad feeling about it in fact.”

A clue that the Red Queen may eventually be brought down by everyone’s favourite Stark assassin, or just a light-hearted comment? Read more…

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The new ‘Friends’ fan theory that changes EVERYTHING


Wait, what if everything we believed about Friends is actually totally wrong? 

Suddenly nothing makes sense, thanks to an eye-opening discovery by twitter user @thetedfox. On Friday morning, he pointed out one very strange thing about the cover of the Season 4 DVD set, and enlisted the help of obsessive fans to figure out what exactly is going on. 

Serious question:

Why is Rachel the only one 👀?

Theories needed#FriendsGate

— Ted Fox (@thetedfox) July 7, 2017

There are all six of your favorite friends snuggled up in bed together, and they all seem to be taking an afternoon snooze — except for one Rachel Green, who is literally staring into our soul. What is going on here?  Read more…

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