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Timelapse of a dude building a log cabin by hand is oddly satisfying

Ever want to build yourself a nice cabin in the woods? Outdoorsman Shawn James can help you out.

Using basic tools and the power of his own body, James managed to build a rustic, off-the-grid log cabin, and captured nearly every step in the process.

As James notes in the YouTube comments, this timelapse is a great primer if you’re thinking of building your own cabin, but for more detailed directions, check out his YouTube playlist. 

Or, you know, just watch this timelapse from the comfort and safety of your couch.  Read more…

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How Airbnb plans to help refugees find shelter


Airbnb has come up with a way to help refugees, evacuees, and other displaced people. 

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In order to meet its five-year goal to provide free short-term housing to 100,000 people in need, the home-sharing company has launched Open Homes, a platform that allows everyone to sign up to host a person in need. 

Hosts can decide how to support the cause, indicating when the home is available, how many people they can accommodate and who the home is most suitable for. 

Airbnb has partnered with agencies like International Rescue Committee (IRC) that specialise in finding temporary shelter for people in need.  Read more…

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