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Apple is none too pleased with seeing leaked iPhone source code on GitHub

Apple’s legal team has been busy. 

Less than 24 hours after Motherboard reported that a leaked version of some iPhone source code was posted to GitHub, the iBoot files in question have been pulled down and replaced with a Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notice. 

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At issue, explains a statement on behalf of Apple by law firm Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP, is the alleged “Reproduction of Apple’s ‘iBoot’ source code, which is responsible for ensuring trusted boot operation of Apple’s iOS software.”

The files had allegedly been floating around the internet since 2016, but their landing on GitHub was apparently a step too far for the Cupertino-based behemoth.   Read more…

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Apple may offer rebates on battery replacements

Apple’s batterygate fallout might translate to some cash for consumers.

In a letter Apple sent to Senate Commerce Committee chairman John Thune (R-SD) on Tuesday, Apple said it is seeing “strong demand” for iPhone 6 and above replacement batteries, which Apple discounted after they admitted to throttling older iPhones in order to preserve battery life. 

The even better news? Apple is “exploring” issuing rebates for customers who purchased replacement batteries at full price. 

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Apple sent the letter in response to an inquiry sent by Thune to Apple in January. Read more…

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Here’s how you’ll be able to see if your iPhone’s being slowed down

In iOS 11.3, Apple’s promising a new feature that’ll let iPhone users see information on their battery health. It’ll also let users turn off the feature that slows down performance on older iPhones with deteriorating batteries.

And now we know what the much-talked about battery setting will look like when it arrives this spring, thanks to an early look from iOS 11.3 developer beta 2.

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The feature is still in beta, so more controls may be added before iOS 11.3 releases for the public. But at the moment, there are two features.

The first setting shows your iPhone battery’s health. On our new iPhone 8, the battery is 100 percent healthy. An iPhone with an older battery with more discharged charge cycles will display a lower percentage, indicating it can’t be used as long. Read more…

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New iPhones might have slower data transfer speeds all because of Intel

Apple might finally ditch Qualcomm, the supplier of LTE modems in the iPhone, after getting locked into legal disputes over patent royalties last year.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims, according to MacRumors, that Intel might be the exclusive supplier of modems for all the new iPhones launching later this year.

Why should you care? Because it could mean the new iPhones might have potentially slower data transfer speeds.

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First a quick history lesson. Up until the iPhone 7, Qualcomm was the exclusive supplier for “baseband modem” chips for the iPhone.  Read more…

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Apple is offering free repairs if your iPhone 7 won’t connect to a cellular network

Apple is providing iPhone 7 owners with free repairs if they have one of the “small percentage” of devices that do not properly connect with a cellular network. 

The affected iPhone 7 devices will show “No Service” in the status bar at times even when cellular coverage is available in the area. The defect comes from a failed component on the main logic board, according to Apple’s website. 

The affected devices were manufactured from Sept. 2016 to Feb. 2018 and were sold in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, and the U.S., according to Apple. 

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Why Apple doesn’t need to sell more iPhones anymore

There’s a common misunderstanding that if a company doesn’t sell more of something, it means the product is a failure.

Case in point: iPhone sales fell year-over-year, and because of it, people trotted back out the same old tired narrative that Apple is doomed…again. But for real this time! They claim the iPhone X is a failure because $1,000 is simply too expensive for a phone!

But this narrative couldn’t be further from the truth. Apple doesn’t need to sell a higher number of iPhones at lower prices in order to continue smashing revenue records and stomp out all the competition.

Fixating on a tiny drop in iPhone sales misses the bigger picture: Apple wants to sell additional hardware and services — Apple Watch, AirPods, iCloud, HomePod, Apple Music, etc. — so that people are locked into the ecosystem that only works with the iPhone. Apple’s long-term strategy isn’t eternally selling more iPhones, but rather locking users into its growing ecosystem. Read more…

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The smart socks that every runner needs

‘Sensoria smart socks’ are designed for runners. They reportedly feature pressure sensors that connect to an app via Wi-Fi. Use the app to monitor your form, speed, and stamina. It also includes audio and video feedback to improve your running technique. The socks and anklet combo go for $199.  Read more…

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Telegram’s back in the App Store, but was porn to blame for its removal?

Messaging app Telegram mysteriously vanished from the App Store on Thursday because “inappropriate content was made available to our users” according to the company’s CEO Paval Durov.

In response to a Twitter user, Durov tweeted that the company was “alerted by Apple” and as a result of the unspecified “inappropriate content,” both the Telegram app and Telegram X (a faster, more reliable version) were removed from the App Store.

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Durov said both apps would return to the App Store after “we have protections in place.” The apps returned to the App Store on Thursday afternoon. Read more…

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