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Turns out a lot of Americans think Martin Luther King Jr. is still alive today

There have been many cringe-worthy editions of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News” segment in the past, but this one really is next level.

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On Monday, to tie in with Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Kimmel sent a reporter out on the street to ask the big question of the moment: “Whose side are you on in the Dr King/Donald Trump Twitter war?”

The responses really are something else. Read more…

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Ricky Gervais promotes his new game show with the world’s least humble video interview

When you’re as famous as Ricky Gervais, you don’t always have time to show up to things in person.

Sometimes a video has to do.

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In the clip above, Gervais appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in the form of a pre-recorded video designed to promote his new game show Child Support.

The show looks like fun, the video above is full of Gervais’ trademark modesty, and as an added bonus he even manages to squeeze in a joke about his own penis.

We’d expect nothing less. Read more…

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Meryl Streep had an epic response to Mariah Carey stealing her seat at the Golden Globes

The day after the Golden Globes, Mariah Carey posted a glorious Twitter story about how she accidentally stole Meryl Streep’s seat during a commercial break.

Well, now Streep has given her side.

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“Bitch stole my seat!” jokes the Hollywood legend in the Jimmy Kimmel Live! clip above. “I came over and you know, there she was, next to Spielberg sucking up.”

The best part? Streep’s solution was to suggest that she sit on Carey’s lap.

Imagine being on the table and witnessing that exchange taking place. Read more…

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Jimmy Kimmel slams ‘absolutely despicable’ decision to end net neutrality

First, Jimmy Kimmel slammed the government over not funding children’s healthcare. Now, like many Americans, he’s angry about the death of net neutrality. 

“The FCC did something absolutely despicable today,” he said Thursday on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “They voted to put an end to net neutrality.”

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“Internet service providers will be allowed to slow down or block web traffic to any website or streaming service they like,” he explained, “which benefits the big telecom companies, and does the opposite for all of us.”

He then urged lawmakers to pass legislation restoring net neutrality — which might not be in the cards considering ISPs donated $101 million to sitting members of Congress, according to The Verge.  Read more…

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Jaime Lannister stars in beautifully disturbing Elf on the Shelf parody

He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. And if you don’t start behaving, like, right now, he’s going to tell you a long and detailed story about a particularly unpleasant red wedding.

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In the Jimmy Kimmel Live clip above, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau stars as a “Lannister on the Bannister” — a gloriously bloodthirsty parody of Elf on the Shelf. His specialties include scaring children into shape and seducing mothers who remind him of his sister.

We don’t know about you, but we’d definitely pay the $19.99 a month. Read more…

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George Clooney has a very good reason for wanting a moose for a pet

Moose don’t tend to make popular pet choices, but George Clooney is here to fight their corner.

“Think of all the things you get from a moose,” Clooney tells Jimmy Kimmel in the clip above. “It’s a mobile coatrack; ‘Hey moose, bring me my coat’.”

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For context, Clooney isn’t just randomly waffling on about moose — it’s all part of Kimmel’s “3 Ridiculous Questions” segment, which sees Clooney talking about everything from moose to which other famous George he’d most like to be.

His deadpan expression throughout the entire thing is what makes it. Read more…

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Jimmy Kimmel returns with his little son Billy, after his second heart surgery

Jimmy Kimmel’s son Billy, who was born with congenital heart disease and who has been at the center of the talk show host’s arguments around U.S. healthcare, had his second open heart surgery last week. So, Kimmel brought him on Monday’s show.

Kimmel has taken time off during Billy’s surgery, instead inviting guest hosts Chris Pratt, Melissa McCarthy, Tracee Ellis Ross and Neil Patrick Harris to keep the seat warm.

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Billy’s surgery was a roaring success, and Kimmel thanked the doctors and nurses at the Children’s Hospital LA for his son’s treatment. “Daddy cries on TV but Billy doesn’t,” said a tearful Kimmel during his opening monologue. Read more…

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Melissa McCarthy and Jennifer Aniston debate gravity, end up fighting

Well, the bad news is you’ve been living a hopeless, brainwashed lie your entire life.

The good news? Melissa McCarthy is here to set you straight.

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In the clip above, McCarthy — guest hosting on Jimmy Kimmel Live! — gets into a debate with Jennifer Aniston about the existence of gravity (which she explains has “gone undebunked for hundreds of years”).

Luckily all it takes to resolve the situation is a minor physical altercation and a harness. Read more…

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Neil Patrick Harris wants you to guess if these kids are meeting Santa or getting a shot

The best of games consist of a mixture of excitement and trauma.

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As guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night, ultimate showman Neil Patrick Harris played a game with his audience. He showed photographs of children’s faces, and made the audience guess whether said child was sitting on Santa’s lap or getting a flu shot.

As it turns out there’s a fine line between excitement and abject horror. Read more…

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Tracee Ellis Ross explains how not to sexually harass women with children’s book ‘The Handsy Man’

Listen up folks.

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Tracee Ellis Ross was the guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night and she decided to address the Hollywood sexual harassment scandal. 

“It isn’t a sex scandal. It isn’t a Hollywood scandal, it isn’t even a scandal,” said Ross. “It is a systemic problem about the abuse of power that takes place across all industries.”

So she decided to explain the issues surrounding harassment and consent with a Dr. Seuss-esque rhyming book. Read more…

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