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‘Black Panther’ has the best Marvel supervillain ever. Yes, even better than Loki.

Excited for Black Panther? So are we. Which is why we’re rolling out obsessive coverage with Black Panther Week.

Spoilers ahead for Black Panther.  

Black Panther just pulled off a Marvel Cinematic Universe first: A supervillain worth rooting for. 

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Sure, other MCU baddies have been charming (hello, Hela) or surprising (hi, Mandarin) or sympathetic (we see you, Loki). A couple of them have even made good points – Zemo and Vulture’s grievances felt legitimate, even if their methods of rectifying them did not.

But Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger is all of those things, and something more besides. It’s a truism that every villain sees themselves as the hero in their own story; Killmonger is the first time this has actually felt true in a MCU movie.  Read more…

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Chadwick Boseman’s Rolling Stone front cover is sending Twitter into a thirst frenzy

It’s now been a week since Black Panther blasted its way onto our screens, and thirst levels are officially off the charts.

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Winston Duke, the jaw-droppingly chiselled actor who plays M’Baku in the film, has already had his fair share of Twitter attention — and now it’s Chadwick Boseman’s turn.

On Sunday, Boseman tweeted out his new Rolling Stone front cover. Brace yourselves…

👊🏾 #BlackPanther @RollingStone

— Chadwick Boseman (@chadwickboseman) February 19, 2018

People simply couldn’t handle it. Read more…

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Shuri from ‘Black Panther’ may be a princess, but she’s queen of our hearts

It’s hard to say who among the incredible cast of characters in Black Panther reigns supreme. But if you ask this writer, there’s be no question: Shuri, T’Challa’s 16-year-old sister and badass princess of Wakanda, deserves to be crowned queen of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Aside from her sheer show-stealing cool factor, Shuri is the brilliant inventor ensuring Wakanda remains the most advanced nation in the world. She equips her brother and their entire people with the cutting-edge vibranium technology, armor, and weaponry that enables them to kick such serious ass – like in that fantastic Busan chase scene.  Read more…

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Black imaginary worlds are inherently political. That’s why we need ‘Black Panther’ and Wakanda

Excited for Black Panther? So are we. Which is why we’re rolling out obsessive coverage with Black Panther Week.

As Black Panther has broken records ahead of its wide release, with critics and fans applauding everything from the casting and performances to the story and visuals, the very concept of Wakanda itself has also been elevated to its own status of celebrity. 

For the past few months, fans on social media have been sharing their wishes to go to Wakanda, with some declaring themselves Wakandans. It’s fitting that the wide release of Black Panther falls within Black History Month; Wakanda has been built up as a home for black excellence, a place born from and characterized by blackness.  Read more…

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A theater played ‘Fifty Shades’ instead of ‘Black Panther’ and what a hilarious nightmare

There are two big blockbusters out this month: You might have heard about Black Panther — the critically acclaimed Marvel film about black superheroes in the fictional land of Wakanda. The other is Fifty Shades Freed, a widely criticized installment about two lovers in Seattle. 

Clearly, two very different movies.

So when the Atlantic Station theater in Atlanta accidentally started playing Fifty Shades Freed to an audience that was expecting to be transported to Wakanda, things got hilarious.

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Twitter user @ChefWaites shared video footage from within Atlantic Station of the unfortunate mixup, and you can hear people in the background laughing incredulously at the mistake. “It’s the opposite movie!,” one moviegoer exclaims.  Read more…

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Here’s your first sweet teaser for the new TV sequel to ‘The Karate Kid’

It’s been a solid 34 years since Daniel and Johnny faced off against each other at the All-Valley Karate Tournament, but now it looks like history is about to repeat itself.

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Yep: Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, who starred in the original 1984 film The Karate Kid, are coming back for an upcoming series — Cobra Kai — that will act as a sequel to the original. And we now have our first bit of teaser footage:

So the TL;DW version of that seems to be that Daniel and Johnny — despite sort of overcoming their mutual dislike at the end of The Karate Kid — are now back to hating each other again. Read more…

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Disneyland and Disney World ticket prices went up, not that we’re surprised

It’s super expensive to feel like a kid again. 

Disney vacations aren’t exactly cheap, but this weekend they got a bit more expensive as Disney raised the prices of tickets for their Disneyland park in California and Walt Disney World in Florida. 

For a family of four, on a peak day, one day will cost you over $500.

Single-day, single-park admission on peak days in Florida has gone up to $129, kids between the ages of 3 and 9 are now $123.

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The price varies depending on the day (with peak being the most expensive, regular being mid-tier, and value being the cheapest; the dates of these times can be found on Disney’s website), but all tickets have increased in price, including multi-day and annual passes.  Read more…

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MoviePass somehow just got even cheaper

If you’ve ignored all of your friends and still haven’t subscribed for MoviePass, because you’re convinced that the absurdly low price will drop even further. Well, you clever bastard, you were right.

MoviePass has a new limited time offer that drops the staggeringly low price of their service from $10 per month to $7.95 per month. Of course, with the service you can see one movie a day at participating theaters, and have more in common with everyone you work with.

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While the rest of us suckers jumped at the chance to subscribe, you played the long game and now it’s your day. But you better get it while it lasts. Read more…

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Someone made a delightful supercut of every visual effects Oscars winner (and this year’s nominees)

Things have greatly improved in the world of special effects since 1938, when Shawn of the North took home the first Academy Award for the category. Since then we’ve seen everything form Return of the Jedi to Forrest Gump winning the award. 

Thanks to the good folks at Burger Fiction, we now have a glorious compilation of every visual effects Oscar winner (and this year’s nominees). In just over 12 minutes you can witness the magic and thank your lucky stars things have improved since 1938. Enjoy Read more…

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‘Black Panther’ is on the cover of TIME magazine and people are loving it

Any publication capable of repeatedly enraging Donald Trump is one we should pay at least some attention to.

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The latest cover of TIME magazine has struck a chord. It features Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman.

TIME’s new cover: Behind the revolutionary power of ‘Black Panther’

— TIME (@TIME) February 8, 2018

Accompanying the cover is a piece by journalist Jamil Smith. 

I wrote about BLACK PANTHER for @TIME

— Jamil Smith (@JamilSmith) February 8, 2018 Read more…

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