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Surprise: Women watched more porn in 2017

It’s that time of year: when we look back at what kind of porn everyone watched last year. 

Both Pornhub and xHamster have recently unveiled year-in-review reports for 2017. And while much of it is far from surprising (people like cheerleaders, can you believe it?), one finding consistent across both reports further confirms what many have known all along: Women are watching more porn.

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Let’s start with Pornhub. Its 2017 report notes that 28.5 billion people visited the site last year. The number one search among those billions of users? That’d be “Porn for Women,” a term that saw 359 percent growth among female users between 2016 and 2017. Among overall users, the phrase saw a 1,400 percent increase year over year. Read more…

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The Online Abuse Of Women Isn’t ‘Trolling’, It’s An Expression Of Misogyny

I can’t believe this is happening again…

These were the words running through my mind as I entered the police station. While I had been here once before, for the most part I didn’t even bother going to the police because I didn’t see the point. But this was the worst it had ever been.

It was that same day I had learned about the website. It had been found by a family member; this site created by men whose stated objective was to ruin my life.

Once I knew what I was looking for, the page was easy to find. My photograph was at the top, alongside an invitation to members of the online community:

“I have found the perfect target. This c*** needs to feel our full wrath. Are you up for it? Are you prepared to take down a militant feminazi?”

Scrolling down the page I found the names of both friends and family members, complete with links to their social media accounts. Phone numbers. My home address (fortunately, outdated). Photos – of me, my parents and even my children. Before me was a smattering of captured moments apparently taken from the Facebook pages of my relatives; family events, picnics, me smiling with my parents outside a production of Les Miserables. Memories now tinged with a sick feeling, tainted by being reproduced in this context.

“Find her children and make their life a living hell,” said one commenter. ”Best way to get a woman is through her children.”

It didn’t end there. Next were the pornographic photos of me, with my face superimposed over a series of pornographic images depicting various sex acts. The caption read, “Send this to her sons.”

I read a long thread in which they discussed their potential plans for me. These included plans to hack into my personal email account to find ‘dirt’ on me. Hacking my social media accounts for the purpose of wrecking my reputation. Ejaculating on my photo. Or even swatting – a potentially deadly ’prank’ in which harassers make a false report of a hostage situation or a bomb threat, resulting in armed police showing up at the target’s house.

As I read what these men had in store for me, the lengths they were willing to go to in order to silence women like me, it became clear this wasn’t just ‘trolling’. They were strategising on how to get me raped or seriously hurt.

“Let’s send a pack of feral n*****s/ rapists to her house,” suggested one. (Keep in mind at this time they thought they had my address.) Others agreed long term operations would be the most effective and discussed ways to provoke specific religious, ethnic and extremist groups. “We need a demographic that will react violently.”

I’ve been on the receiving end of these sustained and organised campaigns for years. In that time, I’ve come to see that the deliberate and targeted abuse of women on the internet, often downplayed as trolling, is nothing less than an open expression of misogyny.

Women’s experiences in online spaces – particularly those of us who express feminist sentiments – are often characterised by sexist harassment and abuse. We are called bitches, whores and worse; we endure uninvited sexual comments and images, messages encouraging us to suicide, threats of violence and rape and appraisals of our bodies from men contemplating how rapeable we are.

The men who targeted me made plans to ejaculate on my photo, they turned me into porn and reduced me to masturbatory material. None of this was intended to be ‘empowering’ or a celebration of female sexuality, rather, it was a statement of utter contempt for women. The intention is to degrade and humiliate female targets, to inflict shame, as Susan Hawthorne writes in ‘Dark Matters: a novel’. Through the sexual humiliation of women, men assert their dominance and send a clear message that there will be repercussions for those women who forget their place.

A few months ago, I was contacted by a journalist who was interested in exploring the online abuse of women. I sent her some examples of the abuse, threats and images that had been directed to me over the past few years. When we spoke the following day, she confided that the content I had shared with her literally gave her nightmares.

As predicted, the police said they could do very little and referred me on. There would be no consequences for these men, no investment of police time or resources. The best I could hope for was for the website to be taken down, which after several months it finally was.

The men who doxed my family, posted pictures of my children, turned me into pornography and discussed ways to get me raped, believe that women can be intimidated and threatened into silence. I won’t be.

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Damian Green Forced To Resign Over Sex Harassment And Pornography Allegations

Theresa May’s deputy Damian Green has been forced to quit the Cabinet after an inquiry found he’d lied about pornography on his computer and found ‘plausible’ evidence he had sexually harassed a young activist.

Green was effectively sacked by the Prime Minister after a Cabinet Office probe concluded that he had breached the ministerial code of conduct.

The investigation decided that claims by Tory activist Kate Maltby, who had accused Green of touching her knee and sending inappropriate texts, were “plausible”.

It found that the minister had also made ‘inaccurate and misleading’ statements about the existence of porn on an office computer seized by police in 2009.

The resignation is the third from the Cabinet in just a matter of weeks following the departures of Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon, over sex harassment, and International Development Secretary Priti Patel over undeclared links to Israel.


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Great job everybody, we just killed free online porn

RIP your porn habit.

Thursday’s FCC vote to end net neutrality will kill many of the things you enjoy most about the internet in its current form, but chief among them is your ability to access copious amounts of free adult entertainment.

Image: giphy

At the moment, porn makes up a massive portion of our online consumption. Last year Pornhub viewers alone used 3,110 petabytes of bandwidth. And people are paying almost nothing for it. 

But now that internet service providers will have the option to control what we can access, they’ll be able to stop the free flow of what we all want most. Platforms like Pornhub and YouPorn have been vocal in the fight against net neutrality, and the loss of it will likely reshape the entire industry.  Read more…

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Damian Green’s Treatment Over Porn Allegations Compared To ‘Police State’ By MP Dominic Grieve

Ex-police officers who leaked allegations that pornographic images had been found on the computer of Cabinet minister Damian Green were in “flagrant breach” of their own code of conduct, a former government law officer has said. 

Former attorney general Dominic Grieve said the actions of the retired officers – which has left Mr Green’s political career hanging in the balance – had “the smack of the police state”, The Press Association reports.

On Friday, ex-Scotland Yard detective Neil Lewis told the BBC he was “shocked” at the volume of material found in a 2008 raid on Green’s Westminster office and had “no doubt whatsoever” that it had been amassed by the Tory MP. 

The allegations echoed claims made by former Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) assistant commissioner Bob Quick, who went public last month with his account of the material discovered during an investigation into Home Office leaks. 

As Conservative MPs rallied round the embattled Green – who is effectively Theresa May’s deputy prime minister – Grieve said that the decision of the officers to release information acquired in the course of a police investigation was “very worrying”.

“This can’t be right. They are in flagrant breach of their own code of conduct and practice,” he told BBC2’s Newsnight.

“Eight years later they choose to put material that an ordinary citizen would be prohibited from acquiring under data protection rules into the public domain on their own judgment.

“It has the smack of the police state about it. I find it very worrying. We give the police powers that other people do not have. They are not and must not be allowed to abuse those powers.”

However the ex-officers’ decision to go public was defended by former Gloucestershire chief constable Tim Brain.

“Let’s just think about this as a workplace computer and to think whether we are happy that people, our MPs, can have this kind of material on what is an official computer,” he told Newsnight.

“Nobody is actually doubting the fact that there is some kind of electronic trace of this material on the computer. So we need to have some answers now this information is in the public domain.”

Green, who is the subject of a Cabinet Office inquiry into alleged inappropriate behaviour towards a young female activist, has denied looking at or downloading porn on the work computer.

Meanwhile the MPS said it was launching its own inquiry about how information gathered during an investigation was made public.

Lewis said that he was involved in analysing the then-opposition immigration spokesman’s computer during the 2008 investigation into Home Office leaks.

He stressed that none of the images were “extreme”, but said analysis of the computer suggested they had been viewed “extensively” over a three-month period, sometimes for hours at a time.

Speaking to reporters at his Kent home on Friday, Green said: “I’ve said I am not commenting any further while the investigation is going on.

“I have maintained all along and I still maintain – it is the truth – that I did not download or look at pornography on my computer, but obviously while the investigation is going on I can’t say any more.”

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Can artificial intelligence revolutionize porn?

Porn platforms offer many enjoyable things, but an easy-to-navigate user experience isn’t one of them. Now they’re hoping that artificial intelligence could change all that. 

In recent weeks, several major players in the adult entertainment space have announced plans to roll out AI-led features. Pornhub debuted theirs earlier this month, xHamster says it has a system in the works, and today YouPorn is launching their own version, along with a site redesign and a new logo.

The promise of AI is clear: to maximize personalization. Instead of relying on users alone to tag videos — which is haphazard and inconsistent — it will allow these sites to build a more comprehensive database of what they’re offering. And, in turn, it will allow viewers to find videos that are more closely aligned with their interests. Read more…

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Theresa May Says ‘Sorry’ To Victims Of Westminster Sex Harassment Scandal As New Complaints System Agreed

Theresa May has apologised to victims of sex harassment in Westminster, admitting that “too many” women have been subject to abuses of power “over too many years”.

The Prime Minister spoke after she, Jeremy Corbyn and other party leaders agreed to introduce new safeguards as early as next month to protect Parliamentary and political staff – amid fresh allegations of historic and current sleaze.

A former junior Labour party researcher alleged that a member of Ed Miliband’s office staff had tried to kiss her against her will and left her fearing she would be sacked for refusing him.

And a former Tory MP was accused of putting his hand up a journalist’s skirt while they were live on air during Radio 4’s Any Questions programme.

Meanwhile Cabinet Minister Damian Green was interviewed on Monday by a special Cabinet Office ethics chief investigating allegations that he had made inappropriate advances on a young party activist and downloaded ‘extreme’ pornography on his Parliamentary computer. Green denies the claims.

May and Corbyn – as well as Lib Dem leader Vince Cable, Green leader Caroline Lucas, the SNP’s Ian Blackford and DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson – met in the PM’s Commons office for an unprecedented cross-party meeting to agree a new complaints procedure for harassment claims.

Speaking after the meeting, May said “I’m sorry that we have seen these abuses of power – too many taking place over too many years.

“And the fact that they have taken place here at our seat of democracy should be a matter of shame for us all.”

“I think if this hasn’t happened to you it’s difficult to appreciate the impact that being a victim of this sort of behaviour can have, it simply has a lasting impact on people.”

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon is the highest profile casualty of the sex harassment scandal, quitting his post last week over claims that he had behaved inappropriately towards younger women.

Four Tory MPs and one Labour MP are facing internal party inquiries, while Conservative Charlie Elphicke has had his case referred to the police.

HuffPost UK understands that at the Westminster meeting on Monday all the leaders agreed that trade unions should have a key role in helping draft the new system, which will be independent, as well as better staff support and a new working group to hammer out the details.

May said: “What is important is that people who have been victims of this behaviour – be it sexual harassment or bullying of any sort – that those victims feel confident in coming forward with their complaints and knowing that there will be an impartial and proper and fair investigation of those complaints.”

Meanwhile, BBC Radio 4′s PM programme reported that a former female member of staff in Ed Miliband’s office had spoken out about an incident in which a male colleague allegedly closed the door behind her and attempted to kiss her.

The woman, whose identity was concealed and was referred to by the false name Susan, did not inform Mr Miliband or make a complaint at the time.

She told the programme: “I thought, ‘Oh God, I’m going to be fired’. I thought he was going to be angry that I rebuffed his advance and there might be consequences for me. I thought the best thing to protect my position was not to say anything.”

The woman said she would have liked to have been able to complain to an independent body, as she believed that if she reported it to the party, “they would close ranks on me as my position was very junior”.

In a statement released by his office to PM, Mr Miliband said he was “deeply concerned to hear about this allegation of totally unacceptable behaviour”.

He added: “I would strongly encourage the individual concerned to use the complaints process of the Labour Party to take her allegation forward. She should receive the support she has a right to expect.”

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Damian Green Must Step Aside While Sexual Harassment Claims Are Investigated, Says Tory MP

Damian Green should stand aside form his job as first secretary of state while an investigation into his conduct is carried out, a Tory MP has said.

Heidi Allen told ITV’s Peston on Sunday it would be “completely normal” in any other industry for someone to be suspended. “If you are innocent you have nothing to worry about,” she said.

Her intervention came as Home Secretary Amber Rudd revealed the inquiry into her cabinet colleague would be widened to include allegations pornographic material was found on one of his parliamentary computers

Green has strongly denied the claims, made by ex-Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner Bob Quick, that pornography was found his office in Westminster during a raid in 2008.

In a strongly worded statement, the de facto deputy prime minister said the allegation was “completely untrue” and “political smears”.

Anna Soubry, another Tory backbencher, has already called for Green to step aside.

Green, who sits at the heart of Theresa May’s government, is already under investigation by the Cabinet Secretary after he was accused of making unwanted sexual advances towards a young female Tory activist. He denies the accusation. 

Rudd the BBC’s Andrew Marr show this would now be expanded to include the allegations about his computers.

“I know that the Cabinet Office is going to be looking at this tomorrow along with the wider inquiry about Damian and I do think that we shouldn’t rush to allege anything until that inquiry has taken place,” she said.

But Rudd sidestepped questions about whether Green should not have to stand aside while the inquiry was underway.

“He strongly denies the allegations. Let’s give him time and the inquiry time to put it straight,” she told Sky News. “I really look forward to him clearing his name.”

Rudd also suggested new rules should be put in place that would lead to MPs being kicked out of parliament if they were found guilty of sexual harassment.

“I think that is one of the things I would encourage the review to look at,” she said.

Both the Conservatives and Labour have been rocked by a series of sexual harassment claims over the last week.

Several MPs have been suspended by their parties and Sir Michael Fallon resigned as defence secretary over allegations he behaved inappropriately towards women.

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Blowjobs are back, but new porn data shows we suck at searching for them

Boobs are getting all the attention lately, but let’s not forget about that old porn classic: the blowjob.

Porn platform Redtube just released new data on what exactly people are looking for when it comes to BJs, and the results are, well, revealing. 

Image: redtube

For one thing, it appears that blowjobs have experienced a sudden resurgence of late. Since 2014, searches related to them have gone way up. There was an especially big jump up in the spring of 2016, for reasons unknown.

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