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Discover won’t force you to sign for purchases anymore

Forget signing your name on credit and debit card purchases with Discover.

Starting in April, the credit card company won’t require a signature after buying something in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean.

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Chip technology — along with biometrics and multi-factor authentication — has made signing a receipt a redundant security measureMasterCard announced it was ditching signatures back in October. 

Discover said the change may require some merchants to change their Discover point-of-sales systems since pens and electronic signature screens won’t be necessary. Read more…

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Wallet bug freezes more than $150 million worth of Ethereum

A bug in Parity, a popular wallet for the cryptocurrency and decentralized application platform Ethereum, may have resulted in more than $150 million worth of ether being permanently frozen. 

The bug affects Parity multi-sig (multi signature) wallets, which require more than one owner to “sign” a transaction before it can go through. An unknown attacker (or a careless developer) has exploited it to effectively destroy a piece of Parity’s code, effectively rendering all multi-sig wallets that were created after July 20 completely unusable. 

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Apple’s TrueDepth camera will be used to send face data to third parties

The iPhone X is officially here, and with it comes a bevy of new bells and whistles that Apple promises justify the smartphone’s hefty price tag. 

Once such feature is the front-facing TrueDepth camera, which powers both Face ID and gives us the lovely notch. However, according to an Apple contract recently shared with app developers, it also opens up users to a new and not yet fully understood privacy risk. 

According to Reuters, which managed to review the terms of a third-party app developer agreement with Apple, the data gleaned by the TrueDepth camera need not remain on a customer’s phone. Instead, it can be transmitted to non-Apple servers — a revelation that has some privacy and security experts concerned.  Read more…

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The latest surveillance robot is designed to patrol rough terrain (and fight crime)


Knightscope, the robot security company famous for the R2-D2-like machine that recently drowned itself in a mall’s pool, has just unveiled an off-roading robot. 

The Silicon Valley company calls this model the K7. With its four wheels and high clearance, the K7 — which measures in at more than five feet tall and nearly seven feet long — is intended for diverse terrain and uneven topography. It’s a machine customers can deploy in varied outdoor environments. 

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Like Knightscope’s earlier models, the K7 is fitted with sound, video, and other sensors. The robot will be rented out to places like malls, stores, and movie sets to deter crime or generally shady behavior. The company currently has 44 machines contracted out to 32 clients in eight different states. They hope to increase this to 100 machines by the end of 2017. Read more…

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People are now selling masks as iPhone X security

When we heard that the iPhone X would open with Face ID, we predicted that people might get a little bit nervous. As it turns out, “a little” was a massive understatement. 

As was revealed at Tuesday’s Apple event, the iPhone X will be unlocked by facial recognition, rather than the fingerprint sensors of iPhones past. In the wake of the Equifax hack, iPhone users are understandably concerned for their security. 

If you’re afraid of a questionable character unlocking your phone with your face while you’re sleeping, you’re not alone. This is apparently enough of a worldwide concern that a vendor on Taobao, an online shopping website similar to Amazon, is selling “safety sleeping masks” specifically for the purpose of protecting your iPhone’s security.  Read more…

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Bella Hadid won’t let anyone get away with pushing a woman

Don’t mess with anyone around Bella Hadid.

After heading out of the Michael Kors fashion show Wednesday, the model stepped into action when a security guard became a little too rough with a female photographer. 

The 20-year-old model shouted, “Can you please, don’t touch her?” She then turned to the photographer who was visibly pushed and asked, “Are you OK?”   

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The security guard denied the physical contact but she scolded him nonetheless. In Hadid fashion, she kept it moving, entered a car, and left.

Hadid has a history of running into incidents during Fashion Week, but is always quick to come to someone’s rescue. Read more…

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Uber will finally end creepy rider tracking, report says

Along with a new CEO, it looks like Uber is also about to get a little less creepy, as the company has now pledged to stop tracking users after rides. 

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The company’s practice of tracking user location five minutes after a ride has ended will be discontinued, according to a report from Reuters citing a comment from Uber’s chief security officer. 

The tracking update, which was pushed to users last year, was meant to improve safety by allowing the company to track how often customers needed to cross the street after a drop off according to Uber. But for many, the tracking function came off as just another in a series of poor decisions and negative looks for Uber including reports of rider assaults, complaints of internal harassment, and troubles at the executive level.  Read more…

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This iOS 11 trick lets you quickly disable Touch ID

Apple’s upcoming iOS 11 has a feature that lets you quickly disable the iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner, forcing you to use a passphrase to get into the phone. 

The feature, spotted on Twitter and reported on by The Verge, is actually a way to quickly call an emergency number, and is accessed by rapidly clicking the home button five times. But after you’ve done that, the only way to access your phone again is by typing in your passphrase (assuming you’ve set one). 

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There were ways to disable Touch ID before; for example, rebooting the phone or scanning the wrong finger a few times will do the trick as well. But this is arguably the fastest way to disable Touch ID, which is important as officers of the law can force you to give up your fingerprint, but (ideally) cannot force you to give up your password.  Read more…

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Humanity confuses its loyalties and builds a shrine for that drowned security robot


Hey, fellow humans, I thought we were all on the same page here?

When news broke that a security robot mall-copping its way through the Washington Harbour gave up and drowned itself, we all rightly celebrated the admittedly small victory for mankind. Because, ya know, if drones are going to take our jobs they should at least be as miserably toiling their mechanical lives away. 

So why am I now finding out that you went and built this thing a shrine

To make matters worse, you named the bot Steve? Steve?!

This is the memorial for Steve the drowned security robot outside our office on his charging pad. The future is

— Oliver Griswold (@originalgriz) July 19, 2017 Read more…

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