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An iPhone 8 without a fingerprint sensor wouldn’t make any sense


In a few months, the wait for the “iPhone 8” will finally be over, and for a brief moment, we’ll all get a break from the rumor mill churn.

Despite Apple’s doubling down on secrecy, the iPhone 8 has leaked, and leaked, and leaked. We know a lot about the phone. We’re pretty sure it’ll have a new glass and stainless steel design, an edge-to-edge OLED display, wireless charging, a vertically-aligned dual camera, no headphone jack, and — this is a big one — no home button.

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If you, like us, keep tabs on every single iPhone 8 rumor, you’ll know that speculation constantly flip-flops. Read more…

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TrueFace.AI busts facial recognition imposters


Facial recognition technology is more prevalent than ever before. It’s being used to identify people in airports, put a stop to child sex trafficking, and shame jaywalkers. 

But the technology isn’t perfect. One major flaw: It sometimes can’t tell the difference between a living person’s face and a photo of that person held up in front of a scanner. 

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TrueFace.AI facial recognition is trying to fix that flaw. Launched on Product Hunt in June, it’s meant to detect “picture attacks.”

The company originally created Chui in 2014 to work with customized smart homes. Then they realized clients were using it more for security purposes, and TrueFace.AI was born.  Read more…

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Travelers into the U.S. just dodged an expanded electronics ban — for now


We’ve been waiting for the electronics ban to expand beyond flights coming to the U.S. from the Middle East and parts of Africa, but on Wednesday the U.S. Department of Homeland Security made it sound like some new security procedures are all we should expect — at least, for the moment.

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Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly spoke about expanded security measures affecting 280 airports in 105 countries. As part of prepared remarks for Kelly’s speech Wednesday at the Center for New American Security Conference in D.C., he said, “It is time to raise the global baseline of aviation security.” Read more…

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Logitech’s cute Wi-Fi home security camera slims down and goes modular


Logitech, makers of seemingly ever kind of computer accessory imaginable, is giving its well-received Logi Circle home Wi-Fi connected home security a complete overhaul.

The company’s new Logi Circle 2 security camera isn’t just smaller, it’s also modular this time around.

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The original Circle camera received our Mashable Choice award for its simple and thoughtful design, beautiful app, and easy-but-powerful features. The Circle 2, available in wired ($179) and wireless ($199) model, pushes those ideas over the top.

First things first, the camera itself is now a whole lot smaller. The ball-shaped body is gone, replaced with a slimmer design. I kinda prefer the older look, which looked a little more Apple-ish, but the slim down allows the magnetic mount to move from the base to its backside. Read more…

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Leaking anonymously is hard. Here’s how to do it right, and not get caught.


So you’ve decided to become a leaker. 

Be it government corruption, corporate malfeasance, evidence of Russian hacking, or just some garden-variety, messed up shit someone wants to stay under wraps—a secret caught your eye, and you’ve decided it needs to be exposed. 

But how to do it without getting burned in the process?

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In an age when practically every waking moment is captured, analyzed, and logged for posterity, leaking anonymously is far from a simple task. Just ask Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, or one of the many tech employees fired over the years for sharing internal company details with the press.  Read more…

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Facial recognition technology is taking over airports: Your face is your new boarding pass


Traveling through the world’s airports has never been simple. Just this week, the Trump Administration announced a new procedure in which visa applicants must provide years worth of social media history, among other hassles. But a new technology may help get passengers on their way more quickly, and maybe even reduce stress if it works properly and passengers are ok with its privacy implications. 

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Facial recognition technology is coming to an airport near you.

JetBlue announced a plan to use the face scanning technology in lieu of traditional boarding passes. The airline is working with U.S. Customs and Border Protection in flights between Boston’s Logan International Airport and Aruba’s Queen Beatrix International Airport.  Read more…

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TSA wants passengers to remove all electronics from bags for security checks


Great news frequent fliers — the already delightful TSA routine of unpacking your bags, taking off your shoes, and organizing a conveyor belt full of bins could soon be getting even more demanding.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the TSA will likely soon require passengers to remove additional items from their bags and place them in a separate bin to be checked, including any electronic device larger than a cellphone.

This means that, in addition to getting your laptops a bin of their own, travelers may also have to remove tablets, Kindles, iPads and the rest.

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Microsoft releases Windows XP patch for WannaCrypt ransomware


Still stubbornly running an ancient version of Windows, despite the security threats? You’re in luck, this time.

The ransomware attack known as WannaCrypt that sent organizations and individual users around the world scrambling for security cover has been addressed by Microsoft, the company behind the most widely used operating system on the planet, with a new software update.  And, to the relief of many holding onto old versions of Windows, the update plays nice with some old school systems, too. 

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Late Friday, the company posted an official notice on its site regarding the update as well as general guidance regarding the WannaCrypt attack. The update covers users on Windows XP, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2003 (the attack didn’t target Windows 10, according to Microsoft). Additionally, Microsoft advises users to “use vigilance when opening documents from untrusted or unknown sources.”  Read more…

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Even experts think some pa$$w0rd-strength requirements are dumb


You must use at least one uppercase letter, a symbol, and a number. Or, wait, maybe not. 

According to the experts at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), some of the password-strength requirements drilled into our skulls over the years are actually not that helpful. 

What’s worse, they may be counterproductive. 

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As such, the institute issued a new draft of security guidelines on May 11, 2017, aimed at security professionals and recommending several significant changes to the password requirements we’ve come to accept as a necessary part of life.  Read more…

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