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Sorry haters, Evan Spiegel is not sorry about Snapchat’s redesign

Hate Snapchat’s redesign? Chances are, you’re not alone.

Not that it matters much, though, because Snap CEO Evan Spiegel just confirmed that he’s not too concerned about the haters.

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Speaking at Goldman Sach’s Internet and Technology conference in San Francisco Thursday, the Snap CEO acknowledged that “it will take time for people to adjust,” but said he’s been very happy with the reaction to the redesign — even the negative ones.

“We’re excited about what we’re seeing so far. The best part is that even some of the complaints we’re seeing reinforce the philosophy [behind the design],” he said. Read more…

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Snapchat’s relationship-crisis show ‘Second Chance’ returns for season 2

The two had spent more than a minute in front of each other before the first word was spoken.

“Why did you cheat on me?” the girl asked, seated on a white chair with a white wall behind her and a white floor below.

The boy, seated in an identical white chair, replied, “It was the stupidest thing I could have ever done.”

This moment was the start of Second Chance, a relationship-crisis show where couples reconnect to decide if they should give it another try. I was in A&E’s studio at 45th & Dean in Brooklyn, where I watched about an hour of taping. While that confrontation was what the studio execs and I first heard, there’s a chance that’s not how it begins for viewers. Later, the segment would be cut down to just under 5 minutes.  Read more…

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680K disgruntled Snapchatters have signed a petition to get rid of the new update

The Snapchat redesign is proving rather controversial, to say the very least. Indeed, Chrissy Teigen’s already declared that she hates it, making us all feel far less alone. 

And now, 680,000 people have signed a petition urging Snap Inc. to reverse its drastic redesign.  

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The petition, created by Australia-based Nic Rumsey, aims to “convince” Snap Inc. to “change the app back to the basics,” and reverse its latest update. 

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