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Dude raps about his extreme hatred of the new Snapchat update and he kind of has a point

People are all up in their feelings about the new Snapchat redesign. 

One million people have signed a petition urging Snapchat to revert back to its original design. Even Chrissy Teigen’s spoken out against it. And, now, someone’s actually created a rap about how much they dislike the update. 

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YouTuber Leek Jack rapped about how much despises the new Snapchat redesign. And, he made some pretty good points. 

When you’re tired of the Snapchat update 😡

— Leek Jack (@Leekjack_) February 14, 2018 Read more…

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680K disgruntled Snapchatters have signed a petition to get rid of the new update

The Snapchat redesign is proving rather controversial, to say the very least. Indeed, Chrissy Teigen’s already declared that she hates it, making us all feel far less alone. 

And now, 680,000 people have signed a petition urging Snap Inc. to reverse its drastic redesign.  

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The petition, created by Australia-based Nic Rumsey, aims to “convince” Snap Inc. to “change the app back to the basics,” and reverse its latest update.