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Randall Pearson – um, Sterling K. Brown is hosting ‘SNL’

He made you cry, America, and now he’ll make you laughSterling K. Brown will host Saturday Night Live on March 10, presumably in honor of Black Panther‘s monumental success and America’s ongoing obsession with This Is Us.

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Brown will be joined by musical guest James Bay. He’s one of three upcoming hosts SNL announced on Tuesday, the others being NBA alum Charles Barkley and former SNL cast member Bill Hader joined respectively by Migos and Arcade Fire.

Yes, yes, yes, yes,

— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) February 20, 2018 Read more…

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‘Black Mirror’ made the Season 4 dating app just in time for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a great day to revel in a relationship, but a better day to embrace the existential dread or spiral into doubt about whether love even exists! Netflix and Black Mirror have you covered there with the actual invention of Coach, the Season 4 dating app that tells people exactly how long their relationships will last.

In “Hang the D.J.,” Amy (Georgina Campbell) and Frank (Joe Cole) use Coach and are among a society full of people who put blind faith in “the system” to match people with their soulmates. At first, Frank and Amy get 12 hours together, but a second chance proves to be longer and more complicated due to how they approach the System and its power over when relationships end. Read more…

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’13 Reasons Why’ book author kicked out of group following sexual harassment allegations

13 Reasons Why author Jay Asher was expelled from a writing organization in 2017 due to violation of the organization’s sexual harassment policies.

As the #MeToo movement spreads to publishing, Asher’s name came up in the comments of a School Library Journal article on sexual harassment in children’s publishing. 

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“I find it bizarre and horrifying that nobody has named Jay Asher,” the anonymous user wrote. “I am equally horrified at hearing of his disgusting Twitter claims of being so very pro – #MeToo and #TimesUp. The irony is incredible, and belongs in an episode of Black Mirror.” Read more…

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Netflix’s ‘Altered Carbon’ cast on the power of representation

In Netflix’s Altered Carbon, anyone can be anyone. A dead child can be brought back to life in an adult body; a wife whose husband misses her dearly can return to him in the form of another man. 

That’s how the show’s main protagonist, Takeshi Kovacs — who was born into the body of an Asian man — is portrayed for most of the show in the white male body of Joel Kinnaman (House of Cards). Despite this controversial decision, Altered Carbon boasts a diverse cast. There’s Kovacs’ love interest Quell (Renee Elise Goldsberry), his confidante Kristin (Martha Higareda), his sister Reileen (Dichen Lachman), and Kovacs’ original avatar, played by Will Yun Lee.  Read more…

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We know how many episodes will be in ‘Stranger Things 3’

Stranger Things 3 is on its way, and now we know exactly how many episodes we’re waiting on. Netflix confirmed that Season 3 will have eight episodes as the shadow monster (most likely) zeroes in on Hawkins. 

The news was first reported by TVLine. 

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Stranger Things 2 premiered at the end of Oct. 2017, a little over a year after Season 1’s August 2016 debut. While Season 3 doesn’t yet have a premiere date – fingers crossed it’s before the end of the year and they don’t pull a Game of Thrones – having an episode count does help us manage expectations of how much story we’ll get and when.   Read more…

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Twitter’s best jokes about Game of Thrones and Star Wars joining forces

The internet may have broken on Tuesday with news that Game of Thrones show runners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are going to write and produce Star Wars films (that’s the third Star Wars series in development, if you’re counting).

Twitter was quick to make jokes combining the two epic franchises, and to criticize this particular employment decision from Disney and Lucasfilm.

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Game of Star Wars Thrones what now?

— Chris Taylor (@FutureBoy) February 6, 2018

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away …

… winter

— Glen Weldon (@ghweldon) February 6, 2018 Read more…

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‘This Is Us’ hilariously scrambles to clear Crock-Pot’s name before Super Bowl with new promo

Warning: Spoilers for the second season of This Is Us ahead.

This Is Damage Control at its FINEST.

You’ve probably heard by now, but during its last episode NBC’s This Is Us revealed that a faulty Crock-Pot is what started the fire that potentially kills everyone’s favorite TV dad, Jack Pearson.

Since then, despite many attempts (and a newly created Twitter account) to convince everyone its products are safe and reliable, Crock-Pot’s brand name has been dragged through the mud and fans are boycotting the slow cookers.

As the PR fire continues to burn bright for the brand, they’ve enlisted the help of Jack Pearson himself — played by Milo Ventimiglia — to help clear Crock-Pot’s name before the Super Bowl. Read more…

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Jennifer Aniston on ‘Friends’ reunion: ‘Anything is a possibility’

“Y’all should do a Friends reunion,” Ellen DeGeneres told Jennifer Aniston in the latest episode of Ellen. “I know people keep asking that.”

They do, but Ellen is allowed. 

“Is it even in the realm of possibility?” she asked.

“Anything is a possibility,” Aniston replied diplomatically. “I mean, George Clooney got married.”

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The subject of a Friends reunion has been bandied about since the show ended in 2004, but just getting the six core cast members back in the same room has proved to be a challenge. In 2016, five of them reunited for an NBC tribute to TV director James Burrows.  Read more…

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Netflix’s ‘Altered Carbon’ is a cautionary tale for our times

What would you do if you could live forever? In Netflix’s Altered Carbon, based on the novel by Richard K. Morgan, humanity has evolved past the arbitrary expiration of the physical form. Centuries into the future, our essence is encased in a small disk and the rich wear bodies like seasonal fashion. If it sounds unnerving, it’s meant to be; According to the cast, this is a deliberately cautionary tale.

“Our society is so geared on trying to be young forever, and is afraid of aging and ultimately afraid of dying,” Joel Kinnaman said at a Netflix press junket. “I think Altered Carbon kind of states that the essence of being human is our mortality, and that if we give up our mortality then we also lose our humanity.” Read more…

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Here’s how your TV works… in slow motion

Ever wondered just how your television works? 

YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys, aptly named for their slow motion videos, explains the miracle of television and shows step-by-step how images appear on screens. 

Instead of watching moving objects on our screens, turns out we’re just watching a bunch of still images shown to us really, really quickly. After explaining this concept, Slow Mo Guy Gav brings out an old television to show the pixels refreshing in action—in real time and then extremely slowed down.

Gav also explains how color appears on the screen, zooming into the subpixel (yes, that’s a thing) level to show the RGB patterns and how they are manipulated.  Read more…

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