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Ed Sheeran actually has a tattoo of Saoirse Ronan’s handwriting on his body

Fair play to Ed Sheeran — if he gets an idea about something, he fully commits to it.

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Saoirse Ronan, who stars in Sheeran’s music video for the song “Galway Girl”, appeared on The Graham Norton Show on Friday to talk about the filming process. She explained that the tattoo Sheeran has in the video — “Galway Grill” — was actually real. And she was the one that wrote it.

“That’s my handwriting,” she says in the clip above. “I was very, very nervous about it so I practiced for about half an hour before they actually tattooed it onto him.” Read more…

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Maisie Williams Adds Tom Hanks To Arya Stark’s Kill List On ‘The Graham Norton Show’

Tom Hanks had better watch his back, as he has been added to Arya Stark’s Kill List. 

While the Oscar-winning actor may not be in ‘Game Of Thrones’, he became a surprise addition to the fatal list after appearing on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ alongside ‘GOT’ star Maisie Williams. 

During the interview, Graham revealed that Maisie often gets requests from fans of the fantasy series for her to recite the list with their names added to the end – something which she then did for Tom, and indeed Graham and fellow guest Anthony Joshua. 

Hopefully though, the trio will not meet the same fate as Walder Frey and Meryn Trant did.

Watch the video above to see how it played out…

Tom Hanks and Maisie Williams” alt=”Tom Hanks and Maisie Williams” data-credit=”PA Wire/PA Images” data-portal-copyright=”PA Wire/PA Images” data-provider=”pressassociation” data-provider-asset-id=”2.34418919″ data-has-syndication-rights=”false”>

While on the show, Maisie also dropped some hints about the final series of ‘Game Of Thrones’, which will not air until 2019. 

“We’re still making it,” she said. “It is so much fun now there is only a small group of us left and it’s exciting to know everything that is going on.”

‘The Graham Norton Show’ airs Fridays at 10.35pm on BBC One. 

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Zac Efron tells the strange story of how he made Michael Jackson cry

Zac Efron never met Michael Jackson face-to-face, but he does have one pretty random claim to fame: he once made the singer cry over the telephone.

During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show on Friday, Efron explained that he was put on the phone to Jackson by his then-director Kenny Ortega when they were having dinner.

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The first conversation was pretty one-sided, but Jackson apparently rang Ortega back when he realised he’d just been talking to the star of High School Musical. It turned out he was also a big fan of Efron’s work.

“I lost it,” says Efron in the clip above. “I just lost it. I lost my balance, I think I fell over into the wall. I was like, ‘You know who I am! What?!’. I just started crying, I was a mess.” Read more…

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Mark Hamill’s story about keeping ‘Star Wars’ spoilers from Carrie Fisher is amazing

Star Wars spoilers are a pretty hot-button topic at the moment, but back in the day things were very different.

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On Friday night’s episode of The Graham Norton Show, Mark Hamill told the entertaining tale of how he was entrusted with the original Star Wars secret — you know, that whole thing about Luke’s father — and had to refrain from telling anyone — including Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford.

To be honest, the video is worth watching purely for Mark Hamill’s on-point Harrison Ford impression. Read more…

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‘The Rock’ discusses the possibility of running for President in 2020

There’s only one thing standing in the way of The Rock becoming President in 2020, and that’s Kevin Hart.

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During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show on Friday, Dwayne Johnson was asked the question on everybody’s lips: will he be making a stab at the presidency in a few years time?

“Here’s the problem,” Johnson responded. “It’s been very flattering, right, that there’s been this really interesting uptick in public opinion […] but the problem is this guy to my right will completely sabotage the campaign.” Read more…

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Pink emailed Robbie Williams by mistake thinking he was someone else

Messaging someone accidentally, calling the wrong number by mistake — we’ve all done it.

Nobody’s done it quite as impressively as Pink, though.

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During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show on Friday, Robbie Williams told the story of how Pink once got in touch with him by email. The thing was, she didn’t actually realise she was emailing Robbie Williams — she thought she was emailing a chef whose first name was also Robbie.

“I think I was asking him about salmon,” says Pink in the clip above. “I don’t remember.” Read more…

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Stephen Fry’s story about the Spice Girls and Prince Charles is hilariously awkward

It doesn’t get much more British than a story involving Stephen Fry, Prince Charles, and the Spice Girls. 

Or, as it turns out, more awkward.

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On Friday, Stephen Fry appeared on The Graham Norton Show and recounted the time he’d met the future king alongside Posh Spice & Co. at a special birthday show — and Emma Bunton decided to ask the prince if he had a Prince Albert.

Apparently it was up to Fry to explain that she wasn’t referring to another member of the royal family. Read more…

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Jason Momoa speaking to Hugh Grant in Dothraki is beautiful to watch

Speaking another language is a pretty cool party trick in any situation — but when the language in question is Dothraki, and the person delivering it happens to be Jason fricking Momoa, the whole thing gets taken to another level.

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The Game of Thrones star appeared on The Graham Norton Show on Friday alongside Hugh Grant and comedian Sarah Millican. At one point he was asked by Norton to prove his knowledge of the Dothraki language, and prove it he most certainly did.

Just look at Hugh Grant’s cheerfully smiling face in the clip above. It’s not 100% clear if he actually knows what’s happening, but you can tell he’s having a lovely time either way. Read more…

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Colin Farrell talks about getting awkwardly mistaken for Colin Firth at the gym

You might not expect famous people to get mistaken for other famous people, but it does happen.

Just ask Colin Farrell.

During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, the actor explained that the person he’s most often confused with is Colin Firth.

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“Yeah, Colin Firth,” says Farrell in the clip above. “Who has me by an Oscar and at least 10 inches, and a lot of… a lot of decorum.”

Still, if you’re going to get mistaken for anyone, an Oscar-winning actor with a bucket-load of decorum isn’t such a bad place to land, right? Read more…

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Jamie Foxx’s story about Ed Sheeran sleeping on his couch is hilarious


If you needed further proof that Ed Sheeran is basically friends with every celebrity in the world, just ask Jamie Foxx. Or better yet, watch the clip above. 

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During Friday’s episode of The Graham Norton Show, Foxx told the brilliant story of how Sheeran slept on his couch in LA for six weeks before he was famous.

The best bit, without a doubt, is his description of Sheeran’s guest appearance at Foxx’s live music night. 

Foxx certainly has a way with words. Read more…

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