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‘Trauma’ Episode 3 Review: 9 Moments That Nearly Made Our Heart Stop During The Finale

Having been penned by ‘Doctor Foster’ creator Mike Barlett, we knew the ‘Trauma’ finale would deliver, and sure enough, it didn’t disappoint.  

The final 60 minutes of ITV’s latest thriller were proper heart-in-mouth TV, in the same way both series finales of ‘Doctor Foster’ had been before it. 

Not only did we finally find out if Jon was telling the truth about his conduct during Alex’s operation, but there was a stand-out performance from lead star John Simm, whose portrayal of a distraught and grieving father pushed to the limit is sure to be recognised in the awards stakes. 

Here’s nine moments he and his fellow stars kept us on the edge of our seats during the dramatic conclusion… 

When Alana invited Dan in the house

After turning up on Jon’s doorstep at the end of the last episode, we wondered if Dan would go for brute force or charm to get in the Allerton family house. When he went for the latter, we prayed Alana would simply shut the door on him.

Unfortunately, she didn’t – a decision she soon came to regret…

When Alana spotted her phone was missing

At the climax of one of Mike Barlett’s signature long scenes (our all time favourite obviously being *that* ‘Doctor Foster’ dinner party), Alana twigged Jon had stolen her phone, before he quickly cut off the landline and pulled a knife out on her, leaving us questioning what he would do to her.

Although, we have to say, we’d probably never needed a commercial break more. 

When Lisa arrived home and found Dan on the doorstep

In a scene that mimicked the earlier one with Alana, Dan managed to pull the wool over Lisa’s eyes, and trick her into becoming one of his hostages. 

Having not known what he’d done to Alana at this point, we feared the worst for Lisa as she begun an impromptu psychiatric session. 

When Jon got the message from Dan telling him to come home or Lisa was dead

Jon faced the biggest race home of his life, and we can only imagine how painful that traffic jam was. 

At this point, Lisa wasn’t sure about the level of danger she was in, but that soon became all too clear when he pulled the knife on her. 

Our relief when we discovered he hadn’t killed Alana

Luckily, our heart rates were given a rest when it was revealed Dan had simply threatened Alana to stay quiet upstairs. 

But when it looked as if the teen was about to persuade him to give up on the situation, Jon walked through the door to make everything 10 times worse. 

When Jon admitted he had made a mistake

The moment we’d been waiting the whole of the last three episodes for came when Jon admitted he had made a mistake while operating on Alex’s son.

However, it remained unclear if this admission of guilt was genuine, or an attempt to save Alana, whose jugular Dan currently had a knife next to.

When Dan raised the knife above Alana’s head

We totally thought she was a goner. 

When Dan encouraged Jon to pick up the knife and stab him

With Dan having spared Alana, there was a tense showdown between the two men, where Dan attempted to goad Jon into stabbing him. For a moment, it looked like he might go through with it, but ultimately he decided to kick the shit out of him instead.  

When Jon walked into Dan’s hospital room

At this point, we thought Jon had come to finish off the job, but he sat down and confirmed the truth – that he had messed up during Alex’s operation. 

While Dan certainly didn’t seem to get initial closure from the moment, we later saw a vision of Alex appear in front of him, seemingly giving him what he needed to move on. 

Meanwhile, while it looked like Jon would be spared his job, he had lost the thing that mattered the most to him – the trust of his daughter. 

‘Trauma’ is available to watch in its entirety on the ITV Hub now. 

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‘Trauma’ Episode 1 Review: The 8 Burning Questions We Have As ITV’s Latest Thriller Begins

We’d only had 23 hours to recover from the ‘McMafia’ finale when ITV’s latest thriller ‘Trauma’ kicked off on Monday (12 February) night. 

Penned by the writer of ‘Doctor Foster’, ‘Trauma’ introduced us to two fathers, Dan Bowker and Jon Allerton, whose lives collided when Dan’s 15 year-old son Alex was stabbed and died in the trauma department, attended by consultant Jon. 

While Jon is used to dealing with death and grieving relatives, this case will be especially tough, as Dan is intent on proving Jon was at fault during the surgical procedure in which Alex lost his life. 

As Dan attempted to get to the bottom of exactly what happened in that operating theatre, these are the questions we were left mulling over…

Why was Alex stabbed?

It’s probably safe to assume the lads on the bikes who had followed Alex to the café were the ones who stabbed him (although there could be a surprise in store), but if so, what were their reasons?

Are we to believe they were bullying Alex? Did they go there specifically to attack him? From the fleeting minutes we’d seen of Alex prior to his death, he seemed like a nice lad, but could he have been mixed up in something we (or his parents) don’t yet know about?

What was the document John had to sign again?

When Alex was being taken in for his scan, Nora called Jon back to sign some paperwork again, suggesting he had made an admin mistake before. 

It may turn out to be nothing, but as we were shown Dan explicitly witnessing this exchange, this could turn out to be an important moment – especially if Dan is trying to prove Jon was not fit to be in surgery. 

How did Dan manage to wander into a theatre so easily?

In all the times we’ve been to a hospital, we’ve never casually strolled past unattended doors to an operating theatre, so Dan managing to walk in while his son was being operated seemed implausible. 

How did Alex’s condition worsen so quickly?

Within 15 minutes, he went from being in the corridor on his way to the scan, to being cracked open in surgery, to then being pronounced dead. 

Jon claimed his stab wound had made a hole in his heart, which medics weren’t aware of, but does the short time scale of events reveal anything about mistakes that could have been made?

Why wasn’t Dan putting more effort into finding the people who killed Alex?

Grief can act in mysterious ways, but Dan’s obsession with taking Jon down seemed misplaced given Alex’s killers were still at large. 

Why did Jon decide to go to Alex’s funeral?

Guilt? Or was he simply keen to ensure Dan was OK and dropping his vendetta?

Did Jon have a drink in the night of Alex’s death?

Through some clever questioning during their earlier meeting, Dan managed to find out when Jon’s birthday was, and to discover he’d had a few drinks to celebrate. At Alex’s funeral, it was revealed Jon’s actual birthday had fallen on the night he operated on Alex, with Dan using this to accuse him of being drunk during surgery. 

Jon wasn’t exactly convincing when he tried to deny those accusations, but it could have been that he actually marked his birthday with celebrations earlier in the week – something that Dan didn’t seem to have considered. 

Did Jon make a mistake?

This is the biggie, and it’s unlikely we’ll find out the answer until the closing moments of the final episode, but – if you’re anything like us – you’re probably already starting to decide whether Jon is guilty or not. 

One thing we couldn’t help but clock was the strange movement in his eyes just before he shocked Alex for the final time, which could possibly suggest he may not have been fit to be in theatre after all. 

‘Trauma’ continues on Tuesday at 9pm on ITV. 

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‘McMafia’ Fans Demand A Second Series After Gripping Finale

The conclusion of ‘McMafia’ has left fans begging the BBC for more, amid hopes of a second series. 

The mafia drama wrapped up its eight-episode run on Sunday (12 February) night, with Alex Godman having a final showdown with Russian gangster Vadim Kalyagin. 

And while many of the loose ends were tied up by the time the credits rolled, that hasn’t stopped fans begging TV bosses to commission a second series: 

There’s no official word yet from the BBC on the possibility of more episodes, and a spokesperson was unable to comment when contacted by HuffPost UK.

The series was co-produced with US network AMC, who are yet to air it. 

Spoiler alert! You can check out our review of the ‘McMafia’ series finale here.

′McMafia′ is available to watch in its entirety on BBC iPlayer now. 

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‘Call The Midwife’ Viewers Heartbroken As Trixie Franklin Temporarily Departs

‘Call The Midwife’ viewers were left bereft on Sunday (11 February) night, as Trixie Franklin departed as part of her alcoholism storyline.

Viewers first saw Trixie, played by Helen George, speak up about her alcohol addiction back in 2015, when she sought help from the Samaritans and began attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

In the series that followed, Trixie has been able to manage her addiction, but in the wake of a difficult few weeks, which saw her break up with Christopher, she began drinking in secret.

By the end of the episode, Trixie had turned to Sister Julienne for advice, admitting she needed to spend some time away from Nonnatus House.

Her emotional exit left many fans feeling particularly heartbroken: 

The character will be back in Poplar soon though, as her temporary exit was written to accommodate Helen’s maternity leave.

The actress’s pregnancy has been cleverly concealed in recent episodes, and Helen previously opened up about the methods used to do so.

“You just kind of see me walk across the screen sometimes with odd fashions, or I’d sit down a lot, or I’m wearing lots of capes,” she said at a screening, late last year. “It wasn’t a correct storyline to choose for the character, as well. It wasn’t right for Trixie to be pregnant. So we just did our best to cover it up.”

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‘McMafia’ Episode 8 Review: 4 Things We Loved About The Final (And 4 Things We Didn’t)

After eight thrilling – but equally exhausting – weeks, ‘McMafia’ reached its climax on Sunday (11 February) night, as Alex and Vadim had one last showdown, which proved to be fatal for one of them. 

There was a good amount of closure for those who’d stuck with the BBC mafia drama (even though it often felt like it would have been easier to just give up at some points), delivering what was, in the most part, a satisfying ending. 

However, that isn’t to say it was perfect, so with that in mind, we picked out four things we loved and four things we weren’t so crazy about in the final episode…

LIKED: Lydmilla and Josef’s relationship

We’ve been shipping this couple for weeks now, so we were overjoyed when they finally got together after Lydmilla was granted her freedom (thanks, Alex).

As for the scene with the cushion – our heart is officially melted. 

DISLIKED: Rebecca not getting a happy ending

Not everyone was as lucky as Lydmilla when it came to matters of the heart, and the closing moments of the show saw Rebecca get rejected after finally deciding to forgive Alex. 

While we were very much here for them not getting back together, it would have been nice for her to either cop off with the mysterious Antonio, or find a decent fella to make up for all the crap Alex put her through.  

LIKED: Vadim finally getting what he deserved

It was a long time coming, but Vadim was finally avenged for all his crimes when Alex shot him dead. However, that isn’t to say their ‘showdown’ was exactly what we were hoping for…

DISLIKED: Alex and Vadim’s underwhelming showdown

After a high energy first 45 minutes, the pace slowed down as Alex and Vadim came face-to-face for the final time. It saw Alex kill him like he was putting a pathetic dog out of its misery, and while we get what producers were trying to do, we were expecting a more spectacular exit for a character that had been so fearful and dangerous during the rest of the series. 

LIKED: Ilya betraying Vadim

There was a surprise in store when it was revealed Ilya had never received a cut for all the work he’d done for Vadim, and had stayed loyal to him because he was a friend, rather than because he was earning money from him. 

After pressure from the FSB, Ilya finally gave Vadim up to Alex in a bid to protect his own family from his boss’s threats against them. Talk about a shock twist. 

DISLIKED: Semiyon’s absence

Having been a huge part of the series, it was confusing why Semiyon was completely left out of the episode. 

While his story pretty much wrapped up last week when he sold Alex down the river with Vadim, it would have been interesting to see how Alex would have handled the betrayal if he’d found out about it. 

LIKED: Alex getting one over on Antonio

Yes, we know we’ve supported the idea of Antonio getting with Rebecca, but there was something very satisfying about the smug look on his face being wiped clean when Alex set out the new terms of their deal.

We’re calling that payment for keeping us guessing about his real identity for so long. 

DISLIKED: Alex’s inability to run fast

The subway chase scenes were some of the most tense in the episode, but did someone forget to tell James Norton he needed to properly run as Alex tried to escape Vadim and his men? It seemed to be more of an amble through the tunnels, rather than a race for his life. 

LIKED: Potential for a series two

While most strands of the story wrapped up very nicely (take note, ‘Hard Sun’ writers), the closing moments gave hope of a second series that could follow Alex’s new life as a criminal mastermind. 

DISKLIKED: Alex turning into a bad guy

We’d spent the entire series hoping Alex was a good man who was just being pushed to do bad things as a result of circumstances he’d found himself in. But after killing Vadim, his final words about Alex having to turn his back on his old life seemed to have come true. And as Rebecca commented earlier in the episode, we felt like we didn’t know who Alex was anymore. 

′McMafia′ is available to watch in its entirely on BBC iPlayer now. 

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‘McMafia’ Episode 7 Review: The 8 Questions The Penultimate Instalment Left Us With

We’re hurtling towards the end of BBC’s big budget drama ‘McMafia’, and while we’ve loved every second of it, we have to admit, we’re definitely ready for it to be over. 

With all the goings-on over the last six episodes, our heads are a bit scrambled, but finally the strands are all coming together in time for next week’s finale. 

The penultimate episode, which aired on Sunday (4 February), dealt with the fall out of Rebecca’s shooting, and while she survived, Alex’s world continued to crumble around him.

Here are the questions we’re asking this week… 

Is Oleg to be trusted?

Having learned of Alex’s dealings, a furious Dimitri instructed his son he must do whatever it takes to undo his work against Vadim. He then called up his old friend Oleg to help Alex do this, but should we be suspicious of a character that has clear links to Vadim?

What’s Ilya up to?

We don’t know whether we missed something, but we totally didn’t understand what Ilya’s visit to the FSB was about. Answers in the comments please!

Has Semiyon really ‘made peace’ with Alex?

Everything between the pair seemed to be water under the bridge when they met, but it soon became clear Semiyon is harbouring ill-felling towards Alex. 

He was seen stabbing Alex in the back by telling Vadim that he isn’t the only patron Alex has, and if there is any trouble, not to land it at his door. Is he planning to make Alex take the fall for all of their dealings?

Is Josef really a secret agent for Semiyon?

We were led to believe he quit working for Semiyon to support Alex’s security operation, but a look between Josef and Semiyon as he told Alex he was “sorry” seemed to suggest his loyalties may lie with his former boss after all. Could Josef be the key player in Semiyon’s plan to pin blame on Alex?  

What was in the message Vadim sent to stop the assassination on Alex?

Having been watched closely by one of Vadim’s men, it looked like it was all over for Alex when he was followed by a man with a gun to a cash point. However, Vadim sent them a message at the very last second, and the hit man walked on by rather than taking out James Norton’s character. 

The question is though, why did Vadim decide against killing Alex, and what was in that message cancelling the instruction? If only we spoke Russian… 

Who shot Natasha and who are they working for?

Vadim was hosting a farewell to his daughter when a man approached her outside, seemingly trying to hit on her and her friends, but moments later she was brutally shot multiple times, before the gunman was driven off in a getaway car. 

We’re guessing it wasnt anyone from the Godman family who ordered her murder, so just who did? Are they connected to any of the characters we already know, or had Vadim got another enemy with an axe to grind? 

Why was Dimitri trying to stop Alex from going to Moscow?

As Alex was seen preparing to head to Moscow to sort things once and for all, Dimitri was panicking as he received a worrying phone call. Just moments later, he desperately tried to reach Alex, leaving him a message to call him urgently – what was detailed to Dimitri in the call, and what effect will this have on Alex in Moscow?

Will Rebecca get a happy ending?

We know Rebecca is only a secondary character, but from having to put up with Alex’s shady dealings, his awful family, getting shot and losing a baby, she’s arguably had the most shit to deal with.

We were totally Team Rebecca when she told Alex where to go when he came to visit her in hospital, so wouldn’t it be nice if the character just had a bit of happiness – maybe with the mysterious ‘Antonio’? 

‘McMafia’ concludes next Sunday at 9pm on BBC One. 

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‘Sherlock’ Creators Share An Update On When Series 5 Will Arrive

“It’s not the kind of show that has to come back all the time. It can revisit. Every time Sherlock comes back it’s a reunion show.”

Mark added: “We’re doing Dracula, which is going to take two years at least.

“We’re not going to do ‘Sherlock’ whilst we’re doing ‘Dracula’. So it’s not going to happen in the immediate future. Never say never, but no – we don’t have an idea.”

While the wait for new episodes is going to be a long one, the duo’s comments are good news as Mark previously appeared to hint that ‘Sherlock’ may never return.

In April 2017, he said: “It was very, very hard to schedule the last series, because of Martin and Benedict’s availability. And Steve [Moffat] and mine.

“There is always that Fawlty Towers principle of, ‘Let’s just leave it,’.

“We’ve had the keys to Baker Street for a while, but one of the wonderful things is that they’re always shared. They were shared while we were making it.”

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We think ‘Black Mass’ was great too, Benedict.

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9 That Time He Wore Coattails


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There will never be enough velvet.

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Special shout out to his glittery shoes.

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16 His Suits Totally Complement His Beautiful Wife

They’re perfect.

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It’s everything.

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