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‘The Daily Show’ comic Michelle Wolf lands a weekly talk show on Netflix

If you bailed on The Daily Show after John Stewart left, you may not be familiar with the comedic brilliance of Michelle Wolf. Netflix aims to fix that.

Later this year, the streaming service will launch a half-hour talk show starring Wolf. New episodes of the series will air on a weekly basis, eschewing the binge-friendly release format Netflix typically embraces.

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Netflix is aiming for the series to offer viewers “a break from the seriousness of late night comedy.” We don’t know much about the series — it doesn’t even have a title at this point — but Netflix did share a vague description of its agenda: “Instead of making the news fun, she’ll make fun of everything and everybody.  There will be no preaching or political agenda…unless it’s funny.” Read more…

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14 times ‘Lovesick’ was the most heart-wrenching comedy of all time

Warning: Contains big, sob-filled spoilers for all three seasons of Lovesick.

I’d be lying if I said I made it through all three seasons of Lovesick without at least a prickle in my eyes. 

The show occupies that hard-to-perfect sweet spot between consistently funny and — every now and then — emotionally crushing. It’s like BoJack Horseman, or that episode of Futurama where Fry’s dog dies.

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But hey, what’s the point in sadness unless we can relieve the pain again and again, right?

From Luke’s failed proposal attempt to Evie and Dylan’s never-endingly tragic romance, here are some of the many moments Lovesick really grabbed us by the tear-ducts… Read more…

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‘Fox & Friends’ cheers the Nunes memo and Trump’s insecurities on ‘SNL’

For this week’s cold open sketch, Saturday Night Live paid a visit to Donald Trump’s preferred source of fake news, Fox & Friends.

Of course it did. Between the Nunes memo, the State of the Union address, and the ongoing adventures of Stormy Daniels, this has been a big week in Trumpworld.

A sketch like this is all about the celebrity guests, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Cecily Strong delivers her impression of Trump Communications Director Hope Hicks, who compares jobs at the White House to “when a group of strangers suddenly work together to push a beached whale back into the sea.”

Chris Redd owns his moment as Louis Farrakhan. He can’t understand why he’s on Fox News and the Fox & Friends crew has no concept of who they’re talking to. If IRL Farrakhan appeared on Fox, it would probably go something like this. Read more…

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‘Stranger Things 3’ sneak peek on ‘SNL’ is all about fart jokes and horny pre-teens

We might not actually see Stranger Things Season 3 until 2019, but Saturday Night Live has an early look at what’s coming up next for Eleven and her imminently pubescent pal, Mike Wheeler.

This sketch channels what was arguably the worst episode of the series — the one where Eleven ventures off, discovers punk rock, and meets up with others like her — as a platform for introducing an increasingly lame series of powers and their side effects.

We all know Eleven can move stuff with her mind, but she gets tiny nosebleeds afterward. Not so dissimilar from the man who can start fires by thinking about it, but he throws up a little in his mouth whenever he does; or the woman who can read minds, but she farts whenever she does. Read more…

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Hillary Clinton returns to ‘SNL’ with State of the Union advice for Melania Trump

You all saw Melania Trump on the night of Donald Trump’s State of the Union address (or hey, maybe you didn’t). She didn’t look so happy, did she? Maybe it’s because she was listening to the advice of some voices from the past.

Saturday Night Live‘s totally-real-and-not-at-all-inaccurate version of Melania’s pre-SOTU preparations sees her visited by the ghosts of White House First Ladies past (nevermind the fact that not all of them are dead). 

Jackie Onassis (Natalie Portman), Martha Washington (Aidy Bryant), Michelle Obama (Leslie Jones), and returning SNL champ Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) all show up with words of advice. Then, once Melania is gone, they do what any one of us would have done in the same situation: Steal a bunch of stuff from the White House. Read more…

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Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch rep their colonial Super Bowl LII teams on ‘SNL’

Pete Davidson has come to this assembly of Founding Fathers in 1775, to bring us tidings of a momentous win at Bunker Hill by the American colonies against the British. Welcome news indeed! And joining the celebrations are a group of patriots from New England, where the battle was won!

Leading the horde of heavy Boston accents was none other than Rachel Dratch – whose “Boston Teen” persona “Zazu” appeared in numerous sketches over the course of her tenure on the show. The group of red, white, and blue-clad colonists are boisterous in their praise of “Captain Thomas Brady,” who overcame an armada of Brits to rally for the win. Read more…

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‘Krypton’ Super Bowl spot features Superman…’s cape

This spring, Syfy is diving into Superman’s home planet … years before he was even a twinkle in Lara’s eye.

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Krypton centers on Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), who will go on one day to become Kal-El’s grandfather. Right now, though, he’s just a young man trying to decide what to do about the future of Krypton. 

Although Superman himself isn’t in the series, his influence can be felt, even in the past – as in this Super Bowl spot above, which shows Seg-El considering the famous red cape that his grandson will go on to wear. Read more…

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Here’s how your TV works… in slow motion

Ever wondered just how your television works? 

YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys, aptly named for their slow motion videos, explains the miracle of television and shows step-by-step how images appear on screens. 

Instead of watching moving objects on our screens, turns out we’re just watching a bunch of still images shown to us really, really quickly. After explaining this concept, Slow Mo Guy Gav brings out an old television to show the pixels refreshing in action—in real time and then extremely slowed down.

Gav also explains how color appears on the screen, zooming into the subpixel (yes, that’s a thing) level to show the RGB patterns and how they are manipulated.  Read more…

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Jimmy Kimmel says the GOP spending bill comes with a ‘giant bag of horse sh*t’

As Washington D.C. lawmakers attempt to pass a spending bill by Friday’s deadline and avoid a government shutdown, Jimmy Kimmel addressed the contents of the GOP plan, likening parts of it to “one giant bag of horse shit.”

Kimmel’s biggest issue: the inclusion of CHIP, a health care program for children from low-income families. During his Thursday monologue, the late night host argued that continued funding for the health care program should have been voted on and approved separately rather than lumped in with other more partisan proposals, such as increased funding for the military. 

From Kimmel: Read more…

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