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Piers Morgan In Furious Tirade After BBC Airs Graphic Cartoon Of Him With Trump

Caution this post contains, well, graphic content.

Donald Trump and Piers Morgan photographed together in 2010” alt=”Donald Trump and Piers Morgan photographed together in 2010” data-credit=”Mathew Imaging via Getty Images” data-portal-copyright=”Mathew Imaging via Getty Images” data-provider=”getty” data-provider-asset-id=”106692110″ data-has-syndication-rights=”true”>

Piers Morgan responded with fury after BBC satire ‘The Mash Report’ broadcast a cartoon image of him pleasuring US President Donald Trump.

The ‘Good Morning Britain’ presenter, who was granted Trump’s first international broadcast interview last week, tweeted the image on Friday night.

He wrote: “The BBC thinks this is OK to broadcast. But if it depicted high profile women, there would be outrage. Why the double standard?”

‘The Mash Report’, which plays with a parental guidance lock on the BBC iPlayer and airs on Thursday nights after the 9pm watershed, is labelled a “satirical and surreal news show” and is presented by Nish Kumar.

The programme used the cartoon after criticism of Morgan’s interviewing style and accusations he “brown nosed” Trump during the groundbreaking Q and A.

But this did little to appease Morgan who claimed the image would not have aired had it involved two prominent women or gay men.

In the process of rallying against the image, however, Morgan’s tweet went viral, racking up thousands of shares on Twitter.

The cartoon featured on ‘The Mash Report’ as part of a segment analysing the differences between body language of legendary interviewer David Frost and his subject Richard Nixon with that of Morgan and Trump.

“In the Trump interview, the staging hinted at a greater intimacy between the two men,” the correspondent says before the cartoon is revealed.

Cartoon was unveiled during Thursday night’s ‘The Mash Report’ satire on Morgan and Trump’s body language” alt=”Cartoon was unveiled during Thursday night’s ‘The Mash Report’ satire on Morgan and Trump’s body language” data-credit=”BBC” data-portal-copyright=”BBC” data-provider=”Other” data-provider-asset-id=”206091812″ data-has-syndication-rights=”false”>

HuffPost UK has contacted the BBC for comment.

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John Humphrys Condemns ‘Nasty Person’ Who Leaked His Off-Air Conversation Joking About BBC Pay Gap

John Humphrys has hit out at the “nasty person” who leaked an off-air conversation he had joking about equal pay for women at the BBC, as he insisted it did not reflect his views.

Humphrys, the broadcaster’s highest paid news presenter, was recorded joking with colleague Jon Sopel about the issue off-air, after China editor Carrie Gracie had resigned over it.

The leaked transcript of the issue caused outrage, particularly as Humphrys was allowed to continue to broadcast when women who work at the BBC were barred from discussing the issue after expressing a view.

“Some nasty person decided that the world was entitled to hear it, and that one is not entitled to have private conversations,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

“This is not something that’s going to dominate my existence. As far as I’m concerned, it’s over and done with.”

ITV News doorstepped Humphrys at his home on Friday evening and he told them that he and Sopel were “winding each other up” during the conversation, which he called a “joke”.

He added it was a “jocular exchange” and called it “complete rubbish” to suggest he opposed equal pay.

“We are in the habit, Jon and I, of winding each other up and the purpose of this jokey – emphasise jokey – exchange was a bit of mutual mickey-taking and that is all it was,” he said.

“If people took a different message from it, it could only be because they didn’t appreciate that it was a joke.”

Humphrys, who earns between £600,000 and £649,999, was speaking to Sopel, who earns between £200,000 and £249,999, off-air at around 4am before Monday’s edition of the Today programme.

He talked Sopel through the Gracie resignation and said: “She’s actually suggested that you should lose money.”

He told Sopel: “I’ve handed over already more than you fucking earn but I’m still left with more than anybody else.”

The full transcript:  

HUMPHRYS:  “The first question will be how much of your salary you are prepared to hand over to Carrie Gracie to keep her and then a few comments about your other colleagues, like our Middle East Editor and the other men who are earning too much…”

SOPEL: “If we are talking about the scope for the greatest redistribution I’ll have to come back and say well, yes, Mr Humphrys, but…

HUMPHRYS: “And I could save you the trouble as I could volunteer I’ve handed over already more than you fucking earn but I’m still left with more than anybody else and that seems to me to be entirely just – something like that would do it?”

SOPEL: “Don’t…”

HUMPHRYS:  “Oh dear God. She’s actually suggested that you should lose money; you know that don’t you? You’ve read the thing properly have you?”

Humphrys’ continued presence on air came after bosses this week demanded those who have given support to the ‘#BBCWomen’ campaign to achieve equal pay stand down from reporting the topic.

That rule saw Gracie herself made to sit silently on Monday while Humphrys reported on her case.

Labour MP Stella Creasy told HuffPost UK that it was “unfair” some stars have been stopped from speaking while Humphrys continued to work.

She said: “This shows the BBC needs to ensure equal pay rather than using editorial guidelines to try to prevent presenters talking about this issue.

“It’s clear everyone has an opinion, so it is unfair to stop some speaking and not others.

“That some of those opinions appear rooted in the 19th century when it comes to why this matters only further underlines the importance of getting this right.”

Woman’s Hour presenter Jane Garvey, who, alongside colleague Winifred Robinson, has been banned from reporting on pay disparity, described the corporation as “the Department of Mixed Messages”.

Miriam O’Reilly, who denied being the person who leaked the Humphrys/Sopel exchange, told Channel 4 News Humphrys should be taken off air during gender pay discussions.

Channel 4 News reported the BBC knew about the exchange for several days before it was leaked and chose not to take Humphrys off air as they deemed it a private conversation,

A BBC source previously told HuffPost that management were “deeply unimpressed” by the exchange.

And a corporation spokesperson said on Thursday evening: “This was an ill-advised off air conversation which the presenter regrets. 

“The BBC is committed to getting its pay structures right and, as we have said, we are conducting a comprehensive analysis of presenter pay.

“PwC are working with us on this to ensure an objective external assessment of how we have set pay in the past, what we need to do differently going forward, and what further action we need to take immediately.

“We will publish that in the coming weeks.”

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Sainsbury’s Casts Customers And Staff In Black And White Christmas Ad

Sainsbury’s has turned to real customers and employees singing about the joys of the festive season in a change of direction for its latest Christmas campaign.

The supermarket’s ad, filmed in black and white, is an extension of its Living Well campaign and celebrates “the many ways that Brits live well over the festive season”.

Sainsbury’s, which always waits until after Armistice Day to release its Christmas campaign, has turned away from a series of big budget productions in recent years.

In 2014 it worked with the Royal British Legion for an ad based on Christmas Day 1914 when British and German soldiers laid down their weapons.

That was followed by the well-received 2015 ad featuring children’s book character Mog the Cat which notched up almost 37 million online views.

Last year’s animated tale about a father who makes it home in time for Christmas featured the voice of British actor and The Late Late Show host James Corden.

This year’s campaign features a cast of 200 members of the public and three Sainsbury’s employees singing about living well at Christmas, but does also include cameos from actor Ricky Tomlinson and Kermit the Frog.

It was directed by We Are From L.A, the French directing duo behind Pharrell Williams’ Happy music video.

Sainsbury’s spokeswoman Laura Boothby said: “Living Well has been at the heart of our advertising all year and there is no better time to celebrate that than at Christmas.

“There are so many rituals and moments that makes each person’s Christmas special, and we wanted to feature as many of these as possible.”

The campaign is screening on terrestrial television and across the retailer’s social channels.

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