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Someone had a seizure in VR and nobody knew what to do

When someone suffers a seizure in real life, it can be an intense, scary experience. When someone suffers a seizure during a VR chat, it can be even more terrifying. 

This is the exact scenario that Sam Raiffeisen, otherwise known as YouTuber Rogue Shadow, found himself in recently. While playing VRChat, a multiplayer app where people can hang out with bizarre avatars and take part in simple games, one of the users suffered a seizure. 

“We’re so used to technology enabling us to do more, but in this case it was the opposite,” Raiffeisen said over email. “The main feature of VR is immersion, and the way this person seemed to be right in front of us in this agonizing state gave the impression that there must be something we could do, that’s what my instinct kept telling me, but the logical answer was we couldn’t do anything.” Read more…

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Facebook’s Oculus Go will be made by this Chinese company

In October, Facebook announced the Oculus Go, a standalone VR headset that doesn’t require a smartphone. Today, it announced the manufacturer.

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Oculus stated Tuesday at CES that Chinese company Xiaomi will be its hardware partner for the Oculus Go. 

The two companies also jointly announced Mi VR Standalone, a standalone VR headset based on the Oculus Go that will be sold exclusively in China. (China has had a rocky relationship with Facebook, Oculus’ parent company, in recent years.)

The Oculus Go and the Mi VR Standalone

The Oculus Go and the Mi VR Standalone

Image: Oculus Read more…

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Save big on this best-selling VR headset today on Amazon

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If you haven’t yet joined the VR gaming revolution, then this best-selling headset for your smartphone could be your proper introduction and it’s 71% off today.

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The 3D VR Headset from VRidium is padded, lightweight, and comes with adjustable straps. It’s compatible with most smartphones and supports iOS and Android. The adjustable focus technology also allows you to adjust the clarity of your VR vision and the distance control allows you to adjust your focal distance as well. Read more…

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The most secretive startup in tech just raised another $500 million

We know very little of Magic Leap. And yet, it continues to be on a path toward greatness. 

The augmented reality company just closed on $502 million in funding, propelling their total venture funding to $1.9 billion. While that’s far less than Uber, Slack, and other tech unicorns, Magic Leap is special because it has no product to show for it. 

Well, at least not to the general public. Beyoncé has demoed it as well as investors. 

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Bey was reportedly bored, and other reports have surfaced that Magic Leap’s AR technology is perhaps over-hyped. One of the product demos was actually overblown by a visual effects studio, The Information reported last year. A leaked prototype showed a janky backpack that looked far from ready for market, Business Insider revealed earlier this year.  Read more…

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I tried on Microsoft’s ‘mixed reality’ headsets. They’re not ready for primetime.

There’s the promise of mixed reality. And then there’s, well, the reality.

Microsoft’s mystery Oct. 3 event proved to be an unveiling of sorts. A new $500 Samsung Windows Mixed Reality headset was announced, and the company revealed it had bought Altspace, a struggling virtual social network of dead-eyed avatars with disembodied hands. 

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For the most part, however, this was Microsoft trying to double down on its new marketing category, that of mixed reality. The idea is that only Microsoft, with its top-of-class HoloLens tech, is capable of offering both augmented reality and virtual reality in the same transcendent device (one manufactured in various flavors by Microsoft partners). Read more…

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Microsoft is building a ‘mixed reality’ empire with Windows — and Samsung is in

Microsoft beat Apple in the world of desktop operating systems because it allowed many manufacturers to make Windows PCs. Now the company thinks the same business model will help it dominate “mixed reality” — its name for the HoloLens headset tech, which can handle both augmented reality (think Apple’s ARKit, where you get to see digital objects in the real world) and totally enclosed virtual reality (think Oculus Rift). 

A huge boost for the world-conquering-with-allies strategy was announced Tuesday: Samsung is officially joining forces with Microsoft on a mixed reality Windows headset on sale next month. A slew of other major manufacturers unveiled pre-orders for their own HoloLens headsets, which arrive on Oct. 17 alongside a the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.  Read more…

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Meet the Kickstarter campaign that’s merging VR with the big screen

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VR is the hot new tech that everyone is trying to get into these days — Facebook, Microsoft and even Dell are all moving into that space. So far they’re mostly focused on gaming and interactive experiences, with a few forays into short-form video content.    

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Cinera, currently raising money on Kickstarter, wants to use VR headsets to level up your home theater system, bringing the immersive experience of a movie theater to the comfort of your own couch. We haven’t seen a focus on cinema in the VR space before, so many of Cinera’s features are groundbreaking.  Read more…

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