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Very embarrassing mom Sally Field tries to set her son up with Adam Rippon on Twitter

Actor Sally Field is not shy about landing her son a date, even if it involves completely revealing his Olympic crush to the entire world. 

“Find a way,” Field told her son Sam Greisman after he revealed to her that his Olympic crush was USA figure skater and internet heartthrob Adam Rippon. But when Griesman’s way wasn’t enough for Field, she took things into her own hands.

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On Friday evening, Greisman tweeted a screenshot of a text with his mother. “Just some really helpful advice from my mom on how to deal with my Olympic crush,” he wrote, blocking out the part where he reveals his crush is Rippon. Read more…

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We regret to inform you that dogs named ‘Bitcoin’ exist

Every day we stray further from God’s light. Case in point: it appears that, on this cursed Earth, there are more than zero dogs named Bitcoin.

Yes, for some reason, real humans have looked into a dog’s beautiful, loving eyes and thought, “This dog should be named Bitcoin.” We don’t know why and we certainly can’t stop it — all we can do is let you know and hope that this idea doesn’t become a trend.

Here’s one dog named Bitcoin, a Maltese puppy who has a very pleasant Instagram presence. Luckily, Bitcoin seems to be interested in cryptocurrency (judging by her captions, anyway), so perhaps the name is a good fit. Read more…

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Colorado Girl Scouts can sell their cookies in front of marijuana dispensaries now

There’s good news for Colorado residents prone to munchies: as of Friday, you only need to make one stop to get both Girl Scout Cookies and weed. 

Girl Scouts of Colorado updated its cookie sales policy to allow Girl Scouts to sell their boxes outside of cannabis dispensaries. 

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This is a change of heart for the organization, which previously banned setting up cookie booths in front of dispensaries. In a deleted tweet from 2014, its Colorado council stated, “If you are wondering, we don’t allow our Girl Scouts to sell cookies in front of marijuana shops or liquor stores/bars.”  Read more…

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People are celebrating Lunar New Year by dressing up their dogs

Friday is Lunar New Year, and people are ringing the Year of the Dog by celebrating their pups.

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Each lunar year is based on one of the 12 Zodiac signs. In celebrating 2018’s Year of the Dog, people are dressing up their pets for the most precious photoshoots. 

It’s the year of the dog and these two doggies wIsh you joy prosperity and success this New Years 新年快乐 (xīn nián kuài lè) Gong Hey Fat Choy! Happy #ChineseNewYear 
#YearOfTheDog #chinese #happynewyear #newyear #abc7eyewitness #HappyChineseNewYear

— LouLou & Gipper (@LoulouHoltz) February 16, 2018 Read more…

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Jamaican beer company swoops in to save its country’s Olympic bobsled team

Sometimes the person (or brand) you least expected comes to the rescue. 

The Jamaican bobsled team needed a bobsled for their upcoming competition at the Winter Olympics. Red Stripe, a Jamaican beer company, offered to pay for one. 

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No bobsled, no problem. If you need a new ride @Jambobsled, put it on @RedStripe’s tab. DM us and we’ll be in touch 👌🍻

— Red Stripe USA (@RedStripeUSA) February 15, 2018

Please contact us (your DMs are not open) US (315) 558-2302

— Jamaica Bobsled Team (@Jambobsled) February 15, 2018

The exchange began after the departure from the team’s driver coach Sandra Kiriasis. Kiriasis addressed her exit in a Facebook post and stated she was responsible for their sponsors and the sled, and legally obligated to take it away. Read more…

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This deeply terrifying mascot is here for a very good reason

Just because something looks nightmarish, doesn’t mean it lacks good intentions.

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Splash, the mascot unveiled recently as part of South Africa’s #savewater campaign, is the perfect example of this.

Springbok captain @EbenEtzebeth, @MPienaar12 and @zintlempupha with mascot Splash at the unveiling of the #SaveWater ambassador programme on Thursday morning in Cape Town@tsogosun #EveryDropCounts

— South African Rugby (@Springboks) February 15, 2018

#SaveWater aims to combat a serious drought which is currently affecting Cape Town. Guidelines have been issued by the city on how to save water at home, and the mascot pictured above is part of an ambassador programme aiming to raise further awareness. Read more…

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This 93-year-old woman enjoying a personal training session will melt your heart

You’re never too old to dance.

All the proof you ever needed of that simple statement is right here.

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On Tuesday, Joana Zanin from South Dakota shared a video of her mom training an elderly woman.

“My mom trains this 93-year-old and it’s the cutest thing ever,” she wrote. “Her laugh and smile makes her young.”

Here’s the video, in all its adorable glory:

My mom trains this 93 year old and it’s the cutest thing ever. Her laugh and smile makes her young #blessed

— jo (@joana_zanin10) February 15, 2018 Read more…

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Intense toothbrush debate erupts on Twitter, causes minty-fresh chaos

In a dystopian future, ultra-violent scavenger gangs roam the arid landscape. Their vehicles are cobbled together from the husks of our now devastated civilisation, beasts of twisted metal, belching out smog. Splattered in red paint on each vehicular abomination is one of two slogans, signifying that gang’s affiliation: Wet First, or Paste First?

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Rewind to February 2018, and we see the genesis of this social division:

do y’all wet the toothbrush first, or put toothpaste on first 🤨?

— ty’ana 🌹 (@envyteeee) February 12, 2018 Read more…

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Pornhub traffic is up in South Korea, thanks to the Winter Olympics

Pornhub’s tradition of analyzing its users during major events, from the Super Bowl to the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere, keeps us all in the know about when people are most likely to get in touch with their bodies.  

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The company released its Winter Olympics traffic insights on Thursday, which took a look at when and how users polished their skis the most during the competitions in Pyeongchang. 

Image: pornhub

Olympics-themed searches surged on Pornhub, with “Winter Olympics” and “Sex Olympics” topping the list at a 3,445 percent and 2,825 percent increase, respectfully. Searches for “Nude Olympics” came third, with a 1,801 percent increase in searches. Read more…

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Google has just made it harder for you to steal photos from Google Images

Google’s just made a rather subtle change to its image search — but one that will have big repercussions for copyright.

Announced on Thursday on Twitter, the company has removed the “view image” button from image search, which will make it trickier to save copyrighted images directly.

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Once a direct link to a high resolution version of your chosen image, the “view image” button was a concern for photographers, publishers and stock image sites alike, as it allowed people to access a high res version of the image without visiting the source site. Read more…

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