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This wireless charger is made specially for the Tesla Model 3

Tesla certainly has big ambitions for its sleek all-electric vehicles, though these plans don’t (yet) include wireless chargers.

But, come April, a group of engineers say they will launch a wireless charging pad that fits seamlessly into the Tesla Model 3, the electric vehicle company’s first mass-market offering — and the vehicle the company’s future is balanced upon.

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Tesla Wireless Pad is marketing their $99 product as something Tesla’s chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, “forgot” to include below the Model 3’s touch screen.    Read more…

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Keep your phone charged and cool with this wireless charger that’s on sale

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If you happen to be fiddling around with a brand-spanking new phone, then you’re probably using up all the battery in one sitting and working it to the point of heating up. If you have either of these problems, then this cooling fan/wireless charger could be your new best friend, and it’s 73% off.

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According to the product page, this charger keeps your phone cool while it charges, which supposedly increases the charging speed by 1.5 times. It’s compatible with just about any smartphone that has wireless charging capabilities, including the iPhone X, and its stand design lets you continue to use the phone as it’s charging. Read more…

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Cut the cord and switch to these wireless power solutions for your phone

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

Charging cable rage: it’s real. They’re never long enough, they’re always tangled, and they fall apart if you even look at them the wrong way. The good news is that as our smartphones get smarter, so do our chargers.

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Case in point: JS Innovations’ iPhone Charging Dock and Power Bank. Place the dock anywhere, put your iPhone on it, and get a wireless charge at any angle up to 90 degrees. You can make calls, check your texts, scroll through instructions for making gingerbread cookies, whatever. And don’t worry, you can just plop it on — your phone doesn’t need to be perfectly aligned on the dock for it to charge. Read more…

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The iPhone 8’s wireless charging might be super slow

Apple is expected to introduce wireless charging to the next iPhone at its September 12 event — but the feature might not be as impressive as we originally thought, at least to start.

The iPhone’s wireless charging capability will be less powerful than other phones that currently offer the same feature, according to a new report Japanese site Macotakara that was first spotted by 9to5Mac.

Apple has long been expected to use the Qi wireless charging standard since it joined the Wireless Power Consortium earlier this year, but this new report from Macotakara claims the next-generation iPhones won’t take advantage of the fastest inductive charging tech available.   Read more…

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Here’s the best evidence that all three new iPhones will have wireless charging

In a few weeks, Apple will challenge Samsung for smartphone dominance when it finally releases the next-generation iPhone, and rumors seem to indicate that the device — unofficially dubbed the iPhone 8 — will include wireless charging.

Now, the reputable battery and accessories company RAVpower is jumping the gun to announce what it calls the first wireless charging pad made with special technology just for “next-gen Apple devices” and tells Mashable mass production has already begun.

If this isn’t considered a legitimate confirmation that wireless charging will be included in the next iPhone — I’m not sure what is.  Read more…

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Siri-powered wireless charging dock could be the iPhone’s ultimate companion


Apple is rumored to finally bring wireless charging to the iPhone later this year with the deluxe iPhone 8, so we might be getting some new accessories to go along with it. 

The company will likely depend on the Qi inductive standard for the new feature, given its membership in the Wireless Power Consortium, which means Apple will need to create a new pad-like device to provide the power — but we don’t know much about the devices that will provide the juice.

How about a Siri-powered wireless charging dock, like one of those old-school iHome clock radios on steroids? If a patent Apple was recently granted is any indication, a product with some of those features could be coming sometime in the future.     Read more…

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The world’s first wireless charging laptop is a Dell, and it’s as cool as your dad


No offense to Apple, but the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar hasn’t been the game-changer we originally thought it would be. Most people now agree it’s a gimmick.

But you know what’s not a gimmick? A laptop with built-in wireless charging. 

Dell’s new Latitude 7285 is being billed as the world’s first laptop with wireless charging, which means you’ll never have to worry about tripping over a charging cable ever again, despite the fact that it looks like your dad’s favorite computer.

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Announced at CES in January, the admittedly basic-looking 2-in-1 Windows 10 laptop is finally shipping beginning today.  Read more…

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Is this the iPhone 8’s glorious new wireless charging sound, hidden in iOS 11?


Wireless charging is undoubtedly one of the most exciting, hyped-up features expected to debut with the iPhone 8 later this year. 

The wireless charging capability will likely come via the inductive Qi standard, which means the phone will require some form of power mat. So, we have a good guess at what the new wireless charging will look like — but what will it sound like?

The answer to that question might just be hidden deep down in iOS 11. An audio file of a new charge tone surfaced from a beta version of the upcoming OS after it was posted to YouTube and spotted by MacRumors. The tone gives our ears a sweet preview of what they might be treated to every time we put our iPhones down on the new inductive power mats, leaving our Lightning cords in the past.  Read more…

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Wireless charging is finally coming to the iPhone—or so says one manufacturer


Throw out your cords, ladies and gentlemen, the iPhone is going wireless. 

Or so claims the CEO of iPhone manufacturer Wistron Corp, who noted that the next 5.5-inch iPhone would be both waterproof and set up for wireless charging. 

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“Assembly process for the previous generations of [iPhones] have not changed much,” CEO Robert Hwang told the Nikkei Asian Review, “though new features like waterproof and wireless charging now require some different testing, and waterproof function will alter the assembly process a bit.” Read more…

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