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Facebook’s Oculus Go will be made by this Chinese company

In October, Facebook announced the Oculus Go, a standalone VR headset that doesn’t require a smartphone. Today, it announced the manufacturer.

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Oculus stated Tuesday at CES that Chinese company Xiaomi will be its hardware partner for the Oculus Go. 

The two companies also jointly announced Mi VR Standalone, a standalone VR headset based on the Oculus Go that will be sold exclusively in China. (China has had a rocky relationship with Facebook, Oculus’ parent company, in recent years.)

The Oculus Go and the Mi VR Standalone

The Oculus Go and the Mi VR Standalone

Image: Oculus Read more…

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Xiaomi advertises its first Android One phone as ‘similar to iPhone’

OK, this is pretty funny. Xiaomi was never shy in pointing out its phones’ similarities or advantages over Apple products, but now it’s taken a very direct route. 

The company’s latest phone, the Xiaomi Mi A1, was launched at an event in India on Tuesday. It’s the company’s first Android One device, meaning it’ll run stock Android software, without any modifications. 

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But check out how Xiaomi is advertising the Mi A1 on Twitter. 

#MiA1 is similar to a DSLR that fits in your pocket with both 12MP Telephoto lens + 12MP Wide Angle lens that is similar to iPhone 7 Plus!

— Mi (@xiaomi) September 5, 2017 Read more…

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Xiaomi will drop its latest bezel-less smartphone the day before Apple’s iPhone 8 event

The tech world rushed to the calendar to pencil in Sept. 12 for the latest Apple event once invitations went out earlier this week — but one company, Xiaomi, is ready to steal away some of the iPhone maker’s thunder.  

The Chinese company will reveal its latest smartphone, the Mi Mix 2, at an event on Sept. 11. That’s one day before Apple is expected to finally reveal the iPhone 8. Xiaomi confirmed the date on Chinese social media site Weibo, according to The Verge 

Xiaomi’s latest is the follow-up to its well-received Mi Mix, which was the first smartphone to feature the minimal bezel look that has become the norm for big releases this year from the likes of LG and Samsung. Xiaomi’s newest edge-to-edge design is similar to what we expect to see from Apple with the highly anticipated iPhone 8, setting the table to undercut Apple’s big presentation at the Steve Jobs Theater the next day.    Read more…

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Xiaomi has a smart speaker too, and it’s crazy cheap


It’s pretty much becoming mandatory for a major tech company to have its own smart speaker, with the current lineup including Amazon Echo (and its siblings) and Google Home, as well as Microsoft Invoke and Apple HomePod (which have been announced but aren’t out yet).

You can now add to that list the Xiaomi Mi AI, which has one big advantage over all of them: It’s a lot cheaper.

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Announced by Xiaomi on Wednesday, the Mi AI offers six-microphone 360-degree audio sensing, stereo sound, and the ability to tap into third-party services and stream music, take calls, remind you of important events etc.  Read more…

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